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What is a Gewgaw

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What is a Gewgaw? - What a Wonderful Word!

A gewgaw is a flashy thing of little value.

You've no doubt got gewgaws in your home. Some you may treasure but other family members or friends think they belong in a dumpster. This just might happen once they clean out your house after you've been sent back to Heaven, so you better make sure important things are saved.

One thing's for certain. If you have a few gewgaws, you undoubtedly have some bibelots too!

Here's something I consider a gewgaw, but it's normally in a box. I have instructions inside for it to NOT be thrown away so it can be passed down through my family.

CLICK or TAP HERE to add to your collection of gewgaws!

Look below the photos for what Holly has to say. And don't miss Doug's pithy suggestion. What's that one Commandment about? Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbors' Stuff - or something like that.

Here are a few of my gewgaws:

railroad kerosene lantern

model F/A-18 Hornet

Mexican sun jewelry

laser etched brick

railroad lantern lens

Holly Daley was moved by this page as you can see:

"Love, love, love it, Tim! What a great idea to start this New Year with thoughts of what items are of importance to you and make great memories to be shared with the family when you take the high stairs up to Heaven. I'm 78 now and have thought of items I want to have saved. You have given me the "GO DO IT" signal to make the list and let family members know about my Gewgaw's."

Doug wants my RR lantern:

"Surely you have friends that agree those things are treasures even though family members are blind to the value. Leave the goodies to them. Send me the railroad lantern and you don't need to wait until you are past your expiration date. Seize the day and mail it now."

If you like unique words, how about this one?

Do you live in a state of tohubohu?


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