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What is Tohubohu

messy desk workbench tohubohu

Tohubohu, What is it? - It's a Great Word for Starters!

Tohubohu is best described as mass confusion, disarray, or disorder.

Much like you see on my small workbench to the left of my desk in the above photo!

Excuses are reasons for failure, but I've been so darn busy I've just not had the time to keep it neat. Yes, I know where each thing is under the other thing thank you very much!

Another example of tohubohu is what you see when you first open a new jigsaw puzzle. All the 500, or 1000, pieces are jumbled up and in a state of chaos in the box. Only after you fit the pieces with great care, does the confusion transform into harmony!

Check out this amazing jigsaw puzzle. Holy cow, this would have been a mass of jumbled pieces when you popped off that box lid!

space jigsaw puzzle

This is a rocking space jigsaw puzzle. Do you love tough ones? There are lots of great 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles here.

Yay for discovering a new fun word, right? How about another one? 

Do you have a gewgaw in your house or car?


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