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March 24, 2020 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

You may be a brand-new subscriber. Boy, am I glad you’re here! It’s always a treat to meet a new friend. I’ve got a few prizes for you in this issue. Be sure to look for them.

I know, you’ve been here since the mastodons roamed up and down the Mill Creek Valley in Cincinnati, Ohio. I’m pretty sure in this issue you’ll discover something that’s not as big as an ancient buried tusk but might change your life in an enormous way.

Cleaning During COVID

These are extraordinary times here in the USA as well as many other parts of the world. You may be home-bound and under orders from your government officials to stay at home.

To avoid depression about all this, I think it might be a good idea to stay busy and tackle some projects around the house. This will get you away from the TV where just about everything spewing out of it is cheerless and bleak.

What’s more, your spending habits may have changed drastically. I can help you SAVE MONEY.

Instead of being able to buy something new, perhaps you need to make something you own LOOK new again. The Stain Solver product you’ve heard me talk about for years can do just that to HUNDREDS of things inside and outside your home.
Kids holding Stain Solver

Noah and Jonah are excited about their Stain Solver! I remember when their dad was as small as they are in this photo! Stain Solver keeps all their clothes and everything around their house CLEAN.

Don’t believe me? Peer at the photos just below. But before you do that, continue to read.

Perhaps you’ve decided to jump into your spring cleaning full-force. I can tell you that I’m about to go room-by-room here at my house, deep cleaning in my free time.

Yes, I'm going to use Stain Solver, an exceptional certified organic powdered oxygen bleach. I own the company with my wife, and over the past twenty-three years, we’ve sold TONS of the product.

Why? Because Stain Solver works.

Here’s a list of things you might clean at your home during the current crisis to stay busy while lifting some stains along with your spirits:


  • Floor Tile Grout - CLICK or TAP HERE to watch how I do it
  • Pet Stains - CLICK or TAP HERE to watch me clean up cat puke
  • Coffee & Tea Mugs - CLICK or TAP HERE for amazing photos
  • Carpet Stains - CLICK or TAP HERE for unbelievable pro photos
  • Kitchen Cabinets - Melts grease and dirt from cabinets
  • Bathroom Floors - Deep clean ALL germs and microbes using Stain Solver


  • Wood & Composite Decks - Safe for all nearby vegetation
  • Siding - Clean Mold and Algae from all sidings
  • Kayaks & Boats - Cleans algae, mold, hull stains, etc.
  • Outside Furniture Cushions & Awnings - COLOR & FABRIC SAFE!
  • Car carpets - Gets out oil!

If you have something you want to clean and it can get WET with water, Stain Solver can RENEW it. Money is TIGHT. Now is the time to SALVAGE what you have not, BUY something new.

Stain Solver makes things look like new. Don’t believe me? Look at these two photos.

Dirty Baseball Cap

Before Stain Solver

Clean Baseball cap

After Stain Solver

These are my FAVORITE all-time customer before-and-after photos. CLICK or TAP HERE to read the story behind the photos. I’m certain you’ll be stunned.

Have I convinced you to TRY it for the first time?

Go back up and look at Noah and Jonah. Their faces tell the story.

Your face is going to have a similar SMILE when you restore something and make it look new!

It truly is an amazing product. Some people get it as a gift and never use it - trust me, that’s a mistake.

Here’s a promo code that will get you a respectable 10% off any purchase greater than $25. If you live in the four commonwealths that touch the other lower 44 states here in the US, you also get FREE SHIPPING: (This offer expired on April 6, 2020.)


CLICK or TAP HERE to place your order.

If you have a question about cleaning something with Stain Solver, just ask.

If you’ve never tried Stain Solver can you do me a favor? Can you reply to this message and share why. I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong in my messaging. Thank you so much for your input.

Roofing Bid Sheet VIDEO

Tim Roofing Bid Sheet Video

I promised you I’d share the new Roofing Bid Sheet video. I re-recorded it yesterday and I know it’s going to help save you thousands of dollars on your next roof.

CLICK or TAP HERE to watch the video.

That’s quite enough for a Tuesday morning.

What questions do you have? CLICK or TAP HERE to ask them.


Donn asked me how to match the color of a patch he needs to do to his concrete driveway. I’ll share that with you on Friday as well as a new video about Sewer Gas Smell! I'm also going to share some simple preventative tips to save you money on costly surprise repairs!

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com
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Emergency COMMS 3.539 - www.W3ATB.com

P.S. Are you finally ready to get an outdoor shed and STOP paying all those insane fees at the storage place you’re currently using?

Do you know how to do a simple exercise to MAKE SURE your shed is the right size?

CLICK or TAP HERE and watch this cool video I shot to show you how simple it is.


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