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Roofing Bid Sheet

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Roofing Bid Sheet - Be Prepared for Dishonest Roofers!

A roofing bid sheet is a document that allows you to discover a professional roofer. I created one 25 years ago that many still use each day! My customers love them. CLICK or TAP HERE to order and download it in seconds.

How Can You Spot a Dishonest Roofing Bid?

It's easy to spot a dishonest roofing bid. All you have to do is simple math before the salesman shows up at your house.

A friend of mine has a simple home here in New Hampshire that's 13 squares. A square is 100 square feet of roofing area. She called a company, a salesman came out, and he tried to twist her arm for two hours. The salesman gave her a very dishonest roofing bid sheet. Here's what it looked like:

roofing bid sheet

Roofing Bid Sheet | This is a VERY unprofessional and unethical roofing bid sheet. Look below at the second photo for the prices!

The original roofing bid sheet price was for $19,702.

That equals $1,515.53 per square. That's CRIMINAL in my opinion. It's STEALING.

How Do You Calculate What the Job Should Cost?

It's best to go step-by-step using the roofing bid sheet I provide. When you do, you identify all the costs.

I did some fast checking for my friend while she was on the phone.

The price of a lifetime architectural shingle at a home center is about $78 per square as of March, 2020. I did a fast material takeoff and the total cost for materials for her job is around $1,700 especially if she were to use the copper roof strips that extend the life of the new shingles by 30 or 40 years! Look below at that photo.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The copper strips you see below can be ADDED to an EXISTING ROOF to extend its life. You're buying the copper from me. It's the best out there. I only sell what I'd use on my home. When you place your order, email me and I'll send you a drawing of how to apply it to an existing roof.

The roofing company would only have five workers there for two days to do the job. The total labor cost for this is probably about $3,000 with all taxes, workman's comp, etc. fees included.

Here's the bottom half of the hand-written roofing bid sheet the unscrupulous salesman gave my friend:

roofing bid sheet

The lower price of $16,137.00 was offered if the company could put a sign in the front yard so they could SCREW other neighbors. They would set up financing so the monthly payment was $198 and all she had to do was write a check for $500 to get fleeced.

What Does a Real Roofing Bid Sheet Look Like?

A real roofing bid sheet looks professional. It contains many probing questions you MUST ASK the ROOFER so you know that you're job will be done right. The bid sheet should be an addendum to your contract so everything in the bid sheet the roofer MUST DO.

Here are a few pages from the roofing bid sheet I sell:

roofing bid sheet

This is the cover to my AsktheBuilder.com roofing bid sheet. CLICK the image to order and download it now.

roofing bid sheet

This is the intro to the roofing bid sheet. I provide you with FOUR important videos showing you how to find the BEST ROOFER in your town. CLICK or TAP the image to order and download the bid sheet now.

roofing bid sheet

This is page on of SEVERAL questions the roofer MUST ANSWER. Wait until you see all the questions! You'll feel so safe talking with a salesman! CLICK or TAP the image to order and download the roofing bid sheet.

roofing bid sheet

Here's a list of SOME of the Items needed to do your roof job. CLICK or TAP the image to order and download the ENTIRE LIST.

How Can I get My New Asphalt Shingles to LAST for 30 or 40 Years?

Simple. All you have to do is install thin copper strips at the top of your roof like you see in the photo. CLICK or TAP HERE to order the copper. I explain in my Roofing Ripoff expose' book how I discovered copper extends the life of asphalt shingles.

copper roof strip

I was the first person in the world to identify that copper prevents the oxidation of asphalt molecules on asphalt shingles. See how easy it is to install this copper in a new-roof installation? CLICK the photo or TAP HERE to order the copper strips.

roofing ripoff

Here's my Roofing Ripoff book. It's an easy one-hour read. You'll save $5,000 reading it. GUARANTEED.


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