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March 25, 2018 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

New subscriber? Greetings! Past patron? TNX, as we say in Morse, for your continued attention and trust!

Winter won't let go here in central New Hampshire. I woke up this morning to a fresh inch of snow. It will melt today, but that's not the point.

You may already be in flip flops and a t-shirt. That's why I'm going to start sharing tips about spring and summer.

Let's start with a fantastic gas can I've been testing for a month.

SureCan Gas Can

I've tried many gas cans looking for the perfect combination of features. I've finally found the Holy Grail of gas cans.

Here's what I don't like about other gas cans:

  • spout is too short requiring a pesky funnel
  • handle wrong orientation when filling - wrist bend
  • spout in the way when not pouring
  • hard to control flow

The SureCan solves all these. The spout ROTATES down so you can fill while the can stays in the same position ALL THE TIME.

The flow of gasoline can be controlled with ease by how much pressure you apply as you squeeze a lever. If you want a trickle, just give it a slight push. Full flow? Squeeze away baby. Look at the photo below. Note how the black lever is pushed down by the man's thumb and gas is now flowing.

That black lever has a NICE safety underneath it. You have to squeeze the safety before the black lever will go down.


CLICK HERE to order one NOW.

Remember, I only share links to products that I use myself. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my SureCan gas can!

On-Demand Radio Show 4

My good friend Chuck uploaded my fourth FREE on-demand radio show on Friday morning. Already without telling you just under 100 people have listened to it. It costs you NOTHING to listen.

What does that mean to YOU that so many have beat you to it? It means:

  • my on-demand show is gaining traction
  • others are getting FREE TIPS you're ignoring
  • others are SAVING MONEY that you're wasting

I talked with Robert, Bob and Sue last week on the phone.

Robert's got a cracked floor joist under his bathroom. Bob wants to know if it's SAFE to use chemical weed killers and fertilizers on his rural lawn. Sue's got some rotten wood siding panels and wants to know the most cost-effective way to permanently repair them.

I end with a pretty funny story about my first job acting as a general contractor. I've uploaded a written TRANSCRIPT of that story should you just want to read it. Scroll down to get to it.

CLICK HERE to listen to my latest FREE on-demand radio show.

If you want to listen to my first THREE on-demand radio shows, CLICK HERE.

Attic Ventilation - The Real Scoop

A few days ago, I revised my past column about attic ventilation. There's lots of hocus-pocus out there concerning this topic.

I'm STUNNED by the amount of information that's not based in science I see at other websites. BE CAREFUL of following that other advice.

CLICK HERE to see how to COOL DOWN your attic. You need to do the work NOW before it gets too damn hot to be up in your attic or on your roof.

Clean Kitchen & Bath Cabinets

I had a subscriber contact me asking if our certified organic Stain Solver oxygen bleach was safe to use on kitchen or bath cabinets to deep clean them. This person had been ill and not been able to clean on a regular basis and things got a little out of hand.

The answer is YES it's SAFE to use Stain Solver on cabinets. This is because most painted cabinets are not damaged by sunlight. Sunlight breaks down the resins and pigments in paint.

Stain Solver will remove sun-damaged resin and color pigments. You WANT to remove these if you're repainting the outside of your home.

But if you're cleaning inside, you don't want to harm the paint. Stain Solver is SAFE on interior paints. Look at the stunning Before and After photos of these gorgeous cabinets:

painted cabinet

The After photo is just below. What a difference. The subscriber just mixed up some of the Stain Solver powder with HOT water.

She stirred the powder for a minute and then poured the solution into a small hand-pump spray bottle.

She spritzed the painted cabinet and let the solution work for just ten minutes. Then she rubbed the surface with a nice sponge.

The dark line above the lower handle is not dirt. The paint has worn away here because fingernails catch on that groove. The woman shared this because she didn't want anyone to think the Stain Solver didn't work in that spot. CLICK HERE to order some Stain Solver now.

clean painted cabinet

Spring Means WET Basements and Crawlspaces

My college degree is in geology. I had a focus on hydrogeology and geomorphology. Hydrogeology is the study of ground water and how it MOVES through soil and rock.

Geomorphology is the study of the surface of the earth. Think hills, valleys and other shapes.

Mix these two together with some common sense and you quickly DISCOVER how to STOP WATER from entering a basement or crawlspace.

CLICK HERE to see how it's done.

I'll Call You

Do you have a problem around your home you need help with? I'm now making no less than four or five FREE phone calls per week.

The calls are FREE. All you have to do is supply me with two or three decent photos so I can SEE what's going on.

If you want me to call you, take a few photos and then CLICK HERE and fill out the form. Or, just send them out of your phone to my email address - you've already got it if you're reading this - and send me a simple email with the photos attached.

I'd say that's enough for a Sunday.

Be SURE to read that story about my first general contracting experience. CLICK HERE for it.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com
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