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March 3, 2018 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

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The past five days or so, I was laser-focused on one task. Working with my good friend Chuck Eglinton; he and I were able to complete and upload my first podcast.

Yes, the first Ask the Builder podcast is ready for you!

It's FREE and packed with tips and a story about black goo from my past.

But before I give you the link, you may want to know more about this newer technology.

Why is this podcast important?

Now you get EXTRA FREE home improvement tips from me in audio format.

That should put your ears on a swivel. 😉

Podcast = On-Demand Radio

The word podcast is a newer word in the English language. It's a combination of iPod and broadcast.

In essence, it's on-demand radio. You may be old enough to remember listening to live radio shows at home, in your car or from a tiny transistor radio the size of a pack of cigarettes.

God bless Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, for creating the iPod. You may have had one or your kids carried one of the thin electronic devices around in their pockets.

The device allowed you to download and listen to music or other audio recordings ON YOUR TERMS instead of having to be at the beckoned call of the radio station.

In the old days, if you wanted to listen to a radio show, you placed yourself near a radio when the show went live. You became a slave to the radio station for the most part.

The iPod, and cassette tapes before that, changed this. Music, radio shows, and other audio content is now stored up in the cloud and you can access it when you want.

A podcast allows you to listen to whatever you want while you cut the grass, commute on a subway, drive to and from work, jog, sit at the beach, or while you're doing just about anything else.

You're in complete control of when you listen. I think you can see why podcasts have become so popular.

The iPod was nudged aside by the iPhone and Android smartphones. Your modern smartphone has far more storage capability than the first iPods and can store many of the downloaded songs, interviews or stories.

That image just below is what the podcast player looks like when you click the link to get to it. See the round orange button with the white arrow? Click it, sit back and enjoy!

Ask the Builder podcast

What's in it for ME, Tim?

Each Ask the Builder podcast will have:

  • two phone calls with real homeowners
  • one short story from my building past that helped make me who I am

I'm excited about the last segment in the podcast. I can't wait to hear what you have to say about the stories.

CLICK HERE to listen to the first Ask the Builder podcast.

As you listen, scroll down the page to see photos of Jill's ruined hardwood floor and the type of tile Greg is thinking about putting in his new AZ home.

Two Hours and $50 Saves $8,000

I went on an in-person consult call about ten miles from my house last week. After surveying the situation for about twenty minutes, I took this photo.

wood rot

You're looking at the band board that's resting on top of the house foundation.

The discoloration is wood rot. BAD wood rot.


There's a link in the story that sends to to a FREE LIST of parts you need to keep your deck safe and your house DRY.

While I was at the man's house, I made a quick drawing for him while I sat at his dining table. It showed him how everything needed to be done so water would not leak into the house.

When I got home, I made a much better one in color. Here's part of it.

deck ledger drawing
I show in the drawing all you need to know to properly flash a deck ledger board.

CLICK HERE if you want to purchase this invaluable drawing.

Stain Solver Tip of the Week

My good friends Nick Motz and his wife Mary Beth Wilker went for a fun kayak trip last Sunday in Cincinnati, Ohio.

They were paddling down the middle of Kellogg Avenue just south of Lunken Airport. The busy road was covered with 5 feet of flood water from the Ohio River. The river stage was 60.5 feet last Sunday.

Nasty, oily murky water was coating everything. No doubt raw sewage was in the water too.

Guess what? Nothing cleans floodwater oil and grime better than Stain Solver.

Stain Solver will also kill 99% of the bacteria on surfaces if you keep the surfaces WET with the solution for 25 minutes or more. It does the same if you let things soak in Stain Solver.

If you have flooding of any type, Stain Solver should be your go-to cleaner.

Click here to order Stain Solver. It's certified organic, it's made in the USA with USA ingredients and Kathy and I own the company so you can trust it's going to work.

That's quite enough for today.

LISTEN to the podcast!

Tim Carter
Founder - AsktheBuilder.com

Do It Right, Not Over!


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