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May 10, 2018 AsktheBuilder Fast Tips Announcement

I've got TWO cool things for you this morning and a Stain Solver tip too.

Around 7:30 am this morning, I ended one of my consult calls with Mary. She lives in steamy hot & humid Orlando, FL.

She's got a pesky problem with a flashing detail at the edge of her roof.

As I often do in these phone consults, I find it's easier to make a drawing with my colored markers than try to describe something over the phone.

I told Mary I'd make this drawing and send it to her. It only takes me a few minutes to make these crude drawings. I did the same thing years ago sitting at customers' dining room tables when making a presentation to get a job.

Mary needed a simple flashing - she's going to make it herself - and it needs an all-important hemmed edge to prevent wind-blown rain from getting into her home.

What's a hemmed edge? Look:

Hemmed Edge on Flashing


See that green weird line (sorry if you're color blind)? See how it's got a 180-degree bend at the top?

That's a hemmed edge. The red hashed lines indicate an all-important AIR GAP you must maintain.

Can you see how if rain is blown up under the shingles the hemmed edge acts like a dam and prevents the rain from getting past the flashing?

The black thing is a shingle nail that stops the flashing from going higher up under the shingles.

Hemmed edges are another example of BEST building practices that are transitioning from history to legend to myth.

Upcoming Vinyl Siding Call - Monday

Yesterday, Rick from Maryland purchased one of my consult calls. It's about some new vinyl siding about to be installed on his home. You may ponder:

"Tim, why do I need to care about Rick's silly siding?"

I'm glad you had that thought. I'll tell you why in just a moment.

Rick and I are going to talk on Monday afternoon. But BEFORE the call, I suggested he skim over this FREE vinyl siding installation manual:

Vinyl Siding Installation Manual


Are you aware that MANY ASSOCIATIONS have fantastic FREE installation manuals showing the RIGHT WAY to install building products?

Here's why you should care about Rick's siding:

You should always download these FREE manuals and study them BEFORE you call contractors to do anything for you.


You can ask the bidding contractors specific questions about important installation details. See if THEY know WHY certain things are done.

If they answer three or four questions correctly, you may have a winner. If the person hems and haws and starts to spout some BS to you, then you might thank them for their time and give them the bum's rush.

For example: How TIGHT do you think the nails should be driven when you install vinyl siding?

Is there a reason for this? What's the reason?

What happens if you don't nail the siding correctly?

It's all in the above manual. And much much more.

You taking the time to skim, or read, the manual ensures you'll get a fantastic job with no issues down the road.

Well, so long as you pick the right contractor who will do the job right. Just put in the contract this wording:

"Contractor agrees to install the siding per the written instructions outlined in the latest edition of the Vinyl Siding Installation Manual published by the Vinyl Siding Institute."

CLICK HERE if you want to get FREE & FAST BIDS from vinyl siding contractors that will give you the correct answers.


What are you getting ready to clean outdoors?

Deck? Patio? Siding? Kayaks? Railing? Porch? Tent?

Please CLICK HERE and watch the bottom video on the page.

You'll see me showing how to clean ANYTHING outdoors using my certified organic Stain Solver oxygen bleach.

That's enough for a fast Thursday Tips e-blast.

Do you have ANY QUESTIONS???? Reply and ask them.

Tim Carter
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