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May 9, 2021 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

You might be one of the 100+ new subscribers that have joined the Ask the Builder party! Fun times! This top spot in the newsletter is my digital welcome mat.

You, however, might have been here at the party so long you clearly remember me gritching about the wretched black flies here in New Hampshire each spring. Believe me, they matter!

Some people really suffer from their nasty bites. This is why a screened-in porch is mandatory if you want to enjoy the early spring outdoors. These outdoor rooms also help when the NH state bird arrives - the mosquito.

CLICK or TAP HERE to discover some important secrets about these retreats. You'll also see a dreamy screened-in porch I built for a most wonderful older woman in the Cincinnati suburb of Mariemont.
screened in porch design

Email Pro Tip

Not a week goes by that I don't get a complaint about my newsletter not showing up. I use AWeber to create, manage, and deliver this newsletter. They have an untarnished delivery reputation among all the incoming email postmasters at all the giant companies. Why? Because they use double opt-in confirmation.

Here's a tip. Do you happen to use Gmail or another large web-based email platform? Gmail has a little-used feature that most don't know about. I'll bet it's in other email software too.

In Gmail it's called All Mail.

Gmail All Mail
You may THINK your Inbox shows ALL of your incoming mail.

Not so in Gmail!! Don't believe me, click that simple indiscreet All Mail text link in the left column and behold what you see!

Lookie, lookie at all the mail you may be missing.

Yes, some is going to your Promotions and Social tabs. CLICK or TAP HERE to discover how to TRAIN Gmail to put things where you can easily see them, including this newsletter.

Pro Tip: You should create a FILTER for me. Have some fun with the name of the filter. Wait until you discover how to create filters! I have a boatload of those helpful critters with humorous names.

Just call it Tim's Tips or maybe Tim's Secret Sauce or maybe ATB Wisdom Pearls. You'll see some real pearls down below.

By the way, see all those bold AWeber Notification subject lines in the above screenshot? Those are just a FEW of the incoming emails showing me the latest subscriber to this newsletter. Pretty cool!

Recent California Earthquake

Did you see in the news the other day the earthquakes on the CA/NV border near Lake Tahoe? No big deal. It's just new oceanfront property being created by Mother Nature.

BUY NOW while the land is CHEAP!!!

My college degree is in geology. The Great Basin of the USA is destined to become a sea. The border between California and Nevada is just slowly stretching and pulling apart.

The recent earthquakes are part of the process. Some geologists feel there's a smaller tectonic plate moving west and northwest that's in between the giant plate under the USA and the one to the west in the Pacific Ocean.

You can read all about it in Rough Hewn Land.

CLICK or TAP HERE and scroll down to see this magical book written for the laywoman and man.

Hi-Tech Bandaids

I'm fortunate to have public-relations pros reach out to me each week. Laura has been ever-so-patient as she's been nudging me to share with you DrySee bandaids. This may be important to you should you injure yourself doing a project at home.

drysee bandaid
Waterproof bandaids are not new. You can easily find them in all shapes and sizes and for less money. But CLICK or TAP HERE to see why DrySee might be of interest to you.

Home Improvement Supplies in 60 Minutes

How long do you think it's going to be before you can order something from your local big box store or larger hardware chain and have it delivered to you within an hour?

You may have this luxury right now! This concept was first tested by Amazon in Portland, OR back four years ago. Certain products on Amazon that were stocked in their Portland distribution center were delivered by Uber drivers. Of course, you paid a small delivery fee but to some it's well worth it.

CLICK or TAP HERE and read the news story and then engage your tiny gray cells to imagine where this is going. No doubt your thoughts will conjure up a future story about Amazon being sued because one of their drones dropped a box on a tiny tot's head.

I'd say that's quite enough for Mother's Day.

Here's a photo of my Mom when she was a young woman. She was just a month shy of her 23rd birthday. My Dad has his arm around her. A month before he was liberated from a German POW camp. Too bad he didn't have on his Bronze Star medal! My guess is he had yet to receive the award with all the mayhem of the great WW II ending in Europe but still raging in the Pacific theater.

CLICK or TAP HERE to read more about my Dad and see a few of his medals, including his Bronze Star. You'll discover WHY he got it.

This photo was shot at Coney Island amusement park in Cincinnati, OH in June of 1945.

Look at Mom's luscious lips!!! Imagine how BRIGHT RED her lipstick must have been!

I love you Mom! You were, and still are, a goddess!

Tim's Dad and Mom

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com
Organic Scrubber - www.StainSolver.com
Airwaves Boss - www.W3ATB.com

Do It Right, Not Over!

P.S. Do you have micro-cracks forming in your treated lumber deck or other outdoor wood? CLICK or TAP HERE RIGHT NOW!

WATCH ALL THE VIDEOS on that page for goodness sake!



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