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Milwaukee Fluorescent Light Bulb Tester Video

Hi, I'm Tim Carter and I have a game changing tool I want to show you. This device is a fluorescent light bulb tester. It can test to see if the bulb is out, the ballast is bad and tests the filaments in the fluorescent bulb.

In normal garages, you can just extend the testing antenna. If your garage ceiling is 8-feet high, you can test the bulbs while standing on the ground. In my case, the ceiling is 11-feet high so I need a short ladder.

The first step in the testing is to turn off the light fixtures. To test the bulbs, turn the dial to Lamp. Now extend the antenna and place the cradle on the end of the antenna on the fluorescent tube. Then press the Test button. If the bulb flickers, it is good. If there is no flickering, the bulb is bad. This way you know exactly which bulb to replace.

If both bulbs tested okay, the problem might be in the ballast. Change the dial to Ballast to start the test. Note that this only works on T8 Electronic Ballasts.

You can also check tubes even when they are not installed in a fixture. Just check the bulb without installing it. If it flickers, it is good.

To check the filament, just insert the pins on the bulb in the socket located on the bottom of the tester. Turn the dial to Pin and press the Test button. If the test beeps, the filament is good. Be sure to test each end of the fluorescent tube.

This test will be a huge time saver for locations with hundreds of fluorescent bulbs.

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