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Mixing Joint Compound Video

Mixing Joint Compound Video

Mixing drywall joint compound is a really important step in taping and finishing drywall. You might think that the joint compound is ready to use right from the bucket. But very few professionals would agree with you. Tim will show you how he mixes drywall joint compound before he puts it in his mud pan.

Start with joint compound approved for drywall tape, read the product label and the Gypsum Construction Handbook before starting to work with the compound. The product label will tell you how much water you can add to the compound at a time. Too much water can be a mistake. It can cause too much shrinkage and dilute the adhesive.

Get a clean, five-gallon bucket for mixing the compound. Don’t try to mix a bucket that is filled to the brim, you will have compound everywhere. Scoop out about one or two gallons of joint compound and place it in the clean bucket. Add a small amount of water.

Mixing by hand is hard work. Get a special cast head mixer that will fit into your hand drill. Tighten the mixer in the drill chuck and slower drop the mixer into the joint compound. Turn on the drill slower while holding the bucket tightly between your feet. If you don’t, the bucket can spin out of control.

The joint compound will look like smooth whipped cream in a matter of seconds. The desired consistency is that of cake icing. With the right tools, you can mix drywall joint compound quickly and easily.


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