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New Window in Stucco Wall – Don’t Get Radical

new window in stucco

New Window in Stucco | The contractor working on this house ruined the stucco wall by ripping out the old window. Don't make this mistake - ever. Look at the new 2x rough framing sticking out PAST the stucco! This contractor should never be allowed again on a job site. Total #Fail. This column was featured in my March 29, 2020 AsktheBuilder Newsletter.

New Window in Stucco Wall - A Mistake Can Cost You Big $$$

How Do You Install a New Window in a Stucco Wall?

You can install a new window in a stucco wall any number of ways. The best way is to get a new window to fit within the confines of the existing window frame. This ensures you don't ruin the waterproofing integrity of the wall assuming the original stucco man did the job right.

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Can You Cut a New Window in a Stucco Wall?

Yes, you can cut a new window in a stucco wall. To make the installation truly waterproof, you need to remove stucco from around the cut opening so you can install all the proper weather barriers and the metal flashing above the new window.

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What is the Metal Flashing Above a New Window in Stucco?

A simple z-flashing is installed above a new window. This flashing makes sure water flows over the front of the window and not behind it. Stucco masons of old installed these and they're foolproof.

It's important to realize the flashing should slide behind any felt paper or water membrane behind the stucco.

Water that gets behind stucco should never be allowed to touch the wood framing. Layering the flashings, felt paper, and water membranes like overlapping shingles on a roof ensure a rot-free home for decades.

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