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March 29, 2020 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

Hello! My gosh, it’s so wonderful to meet you. There’s nothing like a new subscriber. Trust me, you’ll feel welcome here and there are no quirky initiation ceremonies. Well, there's one. Each new subscriber is required to watch this video to see how silly I can be! Ready?

Did I fool you? You’ve got Charlie Murdock to thank for that. Charlie was my mentor years ago when I started my live two-hour call-in home improvement radio show on 1450 WMOH in Hamilton, Ohio. He told me on my very first day to remember that I’m really just talking with you. That’s a story for another day. But I’m looking forward to many more conversations with you.

Are You Locked Down?

The COVID-19 crisis is getting worse. I live in central New Hampshire and at midnight this past Friday the governor, for all intents and purposes, shut the state down.

How are you faring if you’re locked down as well? How can I help you fix things around your house? Use my Ask Tim page to send me photos of your dilemma.

Hope for the Future

I search for inspiration in nature each day. It’s also a touchstone for me when I’m troubled and need a refill of inner peace.

I’m blessed by God to witness some breath-taking sunrises. Early morning is my favorite time of day. Yesterday, God treated me to a tasty piece of eye candy. The sun was minutes away from rising in the photo below. Gunstock and Belknap Mountains in central New Hampshire are the two bumps next to one another on the right side of the photo.

If you want to order a large-format print of this sunrise or you want to use it as a screensaver on your computer, I’m happy to send you the photograph. Just ask!
Sunrise in NH

Searching For Answers

Before you ask me a question, there’s a better-than-average chance I’ve already answered it on my website. However, you may have developed a bad habit using the search engine on my AsktheBuilder.com website. What is that bad habit? I’ll share it in a moment.

To extract the most power from my search engine, I encourage you to watch my Clint Eastwood impersonation video that’s on that page. CLICK or TAP HERE to see it.
Dirty Harry Worx SD Driver

Pro Search-Engine Tip #1. Enter just one or two words to begin your search.

Let’s say you want to install a paver patio while you’re stuck at home. Don’t type the following into my search engine:

how do I install a paver patio at my home

Instead, type this:

paver patio

By using just TWO WORDS in the search, ALL of my past columns that have paver patio in them show up in the results.

It’s BEST that you open EACH PAST COLUMN because there could be valuable tips scattered in several columns that might help you!

New Windows in Stucco NIGHTMARE

I’m doing a long-distance consult with a man in Chicago. He’s renovating a home and hired me to help him by using my phone consult service.

Rather than getting on the phone every few days, he sends me photos and questions via email and I answer them in great detail.

This past week, he sent me a six-page PDF file. It included several photos that made my heart sink.

Before I show you the worst photo, I want to share the mistake he made. This owner FAILED TO TELL ME he was going to RIP OUT the old windows in the house. The contractor told him to do this before getting new windows installed.

It became obvious to me the contractor on this job has no experience installing stucco and he’s now created a situation where the wood walls can, and will most likely, ROT OUT in the future. This can be prevented, but now it’s going to require so much additional work because of the error made by ripping out the windows.

In other words, STOP and THINK or talk to me BEFORE you do something, especially if you have little experience. Okay, look at this photo and see if you grimace too.

new window in stucco

Do you know what’s wrong? ARE YOU SURE?

Do you worship at the Altar of Caulk? As Captain Hook (Dustin Hoffman) said in the remake of the Peter Pan movie, “Bad form, Peter.”

It’s bad form for you to think that caulk is the miracle waterproofing material that will stand the test of time in all situations.

CLICK or TAP HERE now to watch two videos that show you how to make sure your windows NEVER LEAK.

Be absolutely sure you watch the video at the BOTTOM OF THE PAGE.

Instant Hot Water - It’s Possible

Would you like instant hot water at all your faucets?

Do you happen to live in a ranch home with an unfinished basement? If so, you’re in luck! The job is easy.

Your home may be two-story or you might be on a slab or even have a finished basement.

No worries! You can have instant hot water too.

CLICK or TAP HERE to see how easy it is to have hot water in seconds.

Building a new home? With just a few hours of extra work, you can have the luxury of hot water in seconds. Just follow my advice.

That’s enough for a Sunday.

I want you to know that we’re all going to make it through the crisis. It’s vital that you don’t touch your face if you’re out. Touching your eyes, nose, or mouth is the fastest way to get sick in these troubling times. Be safe.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com
Hydrogen Peroxide CLEANER - www.StainSolver.com
Emergency COMMS - 3.539 - www.W3ATB.com

Do It Right, Not Over!

P.S. Do you need a small flashlight to hunt for things? Maybe you want to play a board game under the covers as you did when you were a kid. Cribbage comes to mind for me. CLICK or TAP HERE to see the flashlight you’ll want to have on your bedside table. It’s the best and I own a bunch of flashlights made by this company!


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