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November 14, 2021 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

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You, though, could have been part of my digital family for quite some time. If so, it's possible you remember the short video series I did about how to install cozy electric radiant floor heating.
electric floor heat mat
It's perfect for a bathroom remodel or if you need some heat under you in your cave or office. CLICK or TAP HERE and let me know if you remember these videos.

You and The Fog

A few years ago I read a fascinating book, The Great Crescenta Valley Flood by Art Cobery, while I was visiting a friend in southern California.

Here are the first two sentences of the book's description:

"As Crescenta Valley residents gathered to ring in the 1934 New Year, a cloudburst broke over Southern California's San Gabriel Mountains, unleashing a deluge on mountainsides denuded by recent fires. A roaring wall of rocks, mud and water crashed down the canyons, uprooting trees, tossing boulders and automobiles like toys and carving a path of destruction."

My friend's house was located just hundreds of feet where this historic roaring flood of countless tons of rocks and mud came spewing out of the San Gabriel Mountain canyons.

In the book, the author talks about the fog of complacency. It's a common ailment that afflicts all of us.

In the case of the people in the Crescenta Valley, even though they had built their homes and businesses on top of previous debris-flow alluvial fans below the mountains, they simply put out of their minds the likelihood of mud and rock roaring from the steep canyons skulking just above them a mile or two away.

Out of sight, out of mind, right?

CLICK or TAP HERE to watch a video of me reporting live for TJC-TV just below one of the canyons. I was pointing out the modern-day attempt to protect homes from these wretched debris flows.
Montrose California 1934 debris flow
Let me ask you, do you by chance remember the enormous suffering of millions of people in Texas? Do you remember what happened to them? There was no supply-chain issue back then! How long ago did they suffer? Three, five, or just one year ago?

I'll remind you - tens of thousands of people and businesses had frozen and SPLIT water lines from a spate of unusually cold weather within the past year! Within a day, ALL of the plumbing supplies to make the repairs were SOLD OUT, yet millions still needed to make repairs!

You tend to forget about events like this even if you were affected. I feel us being bombarded each day with information, texts, phone calls, etc. is contributing to the fog.

Why am I bringing this up? Old Man Winter is almost here. The first accumulating snows have already happened in parts of the USA. Are you prepared to survive and fix things if a major storm wreaks havoc at your home? Have you considered buying parts, materials, and things you might need before there's a run on them?

Just do it. Get prepared. Engage your critical-thinking skills and buy the things you'll need to get your home back in shape.

GL as we say in Morse.

Live Streaming Video Update

If you live under a rock and don't open your emails, then you're not aware of my new live streaming video initiative. I did six of them in the past week.

Here are the links to each one if you want to watch the replay:

Kool Klein Rechargeable Flashlight

Amazing DeWALT 12V Cordless Saw - You MUST HAVE IT!

Tough Series DeWALT 25-Foot Tape Measure

Prevent Being COLD in your House This Winter

AVOID Losing Tens of Thousands of $$$ on a Lot

Open Mic Friday - Wait Until You Hear the ?s ! !

I'm going to continue to do a live stream Monday - Friday from now on. I'll probably do an open mic ask-anything stream Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and then have a topic on Tuesday and Thursday.

I'm OPEN to your suggestions!!! Just reply here and tell me what you want me to talk about during a live stream.

Taking Prisoners

Look at this:
blinc mouse trap
Yes, you're looking at a POW mouse just before he's granted parole to live another day! CLICK or TAP HERE to see how I did it.
It's an amazing humane mousetrap.

That's enough for a Sunday.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com
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Do It Right, Not Over!

P.S. Do you know the easiest way to tunnel under a driveway or sidewalk? Come on, tell the truth! See if you were right. CLICK or TAP HERE to watch a video showing a really clever method.


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