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Painting Concrete Patio

Ronald A. Carleton has trouble with paint peeling on his patio in Port Clinton,Ohio. Perhaps paint is not practical. How's that for alliteration? Here's what Ron wrote to me:

"What's the best product to apply to pre-painted cement on a outdoor patio? The pre-painted area in the sun area flakes off while the shaded area stays intact."

Ron, I often wonder why people take a maintenance-free material like concrete and transform it into one that requires maintenance. It doesn't make sense to me.

The paint is peeling because of vapor pressure issues caused by the sun. Moisture in the soil is pulled through the concrete by the sun. When this water gets to the paint, the sun heats the water and the increased vapor pressure forces the paint from the concrete.

If you want a colored patio, then I maintain you should do it with a maintenance-free COLORED overlay!

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