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Pocket Hole Jig Video

Want to attach two pieces of wood together and not see the nails or screws? Want to disassemble them later? So you can not use glue. Try using pocket holes. The fasteners are hidden and it is a very strong joint.

To make the pocket holes, you need a pocket hole jig. The jig clamps the piece of wood in position while you drill the holes with a special drill bit. Just drill the holes to the prescribed depth and you are ready to assemble the pieces.

You can use this method to make 90 degree corners or to put two pieces of wood side by side. This is useful if you are making a table top. Again, just drill the pilot holes and screw the pieces of wood together. It is that easy. You can use 1-1/4 inch drywall screws because they are not too long and they have a nice sharp point.

Using the pocket hole jig will allow you to make great wood joints. Quick and simple.

This jig was mentioned as a fantastic new tool in the November 2, 2008 AsktheBuilder Newsletter.


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