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November 2, 2008 AsktheBuilder News

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Editor's Update: This eBook is currently out of print.

Moments ago, I just finished the first eBook based upon the feedback you gave me about the short help guides. Energy savings was the top vote getter. That makes perfect sense for any number of reasons.

Your comments pointed out that saving energy is a really Green thing we can all do.  I couldn't agree more, and my geology degree taught me that Mother Nature is a wonderful provider, but she can only work so hard. We're using up many of her resources faster than she can create them for the ever-increasing population.

The number two reason is that we all need to conserve cash in these harsh economic times. What if I told you that my new The Real Truth about Energy Savings eBook will save you hundreds and probably thousands of dollars this heating season? It's absolutely possible. I'm doing it myself in my own home.

I had several of my colleagues read and review the eBook as I was going through the final edits in the last 36 hours. They particularly liked the section where I discuss the psychological tricks salespeople use to part you from your money. One of my friends said that she was amazed at how practical the information is and easy to implement.

My favorite part in the eBook is where I reveal what often happens in the media world when companies that make energy-savings products hire public-relations companies. You're going to be shocked at what I have to say, and I'm quite confident several PR people who are friends of mine are going to be quite upset at the kiss-and-tell chapter in this eBook.

This eBook, in my opinion, is really going to save you huge money. My friends said it's a great value and to sell it for $27.00. I've decided to offer it to you for just $9.97 for the next seven days. After that, the price is going to go back up to $27.00.

This eBook is an Instant Download .pdf file. This means you get it in your computer moments after you purchase it. You then have the option of printing it out if you want. As with all my products, it comes with an Unconditional Guarantee. If you feel, after reading it, that you'll not save at least ten bucks on your energy bills, just email me. I'll give you all your money back. Heck, I don't care what your reason is. If you don't like it, just tell me and I'll give you your money.

Remember, the price is just $9.97 for the next week. After that, the price goes up.



Pat Lithglow is a subscriber to this newsletter. About ten days ago, she reached out to me asking me for help. Google is sponsoring a competition.

After you watch that video and get ramped up about the good we can do, then go watch this 30-second video. All of us have time to do this. Your small investment of time can make an enormous difference.  Please watch this video. I LOVE the child's Australian accent.



John from Lapeer, Michigan emailed me the following:

"I am preparing to leave for Florida for 3 months during the winter months. I have reviewed all your suggestions regarding winterizing, however, I plan to leave the furnace on at the lowest setting recommended. I do not know how low this should be. Is there a point where it is too low (other than 32 degrees F.)"

My response to John was that he should be very careful about setting the temperature too low, especially if he seals the house up tightly and then the temperature of the surfaces inside the house drops below the dew point of the air in the rooms.

Sound confusing? Well, each day in your bathroom you're doing the same thing when you take a hot shower. After you step from the shower is the mirror fogged? If so, the same fog might be on any surface in the room that has the SAME temperature as the glass in the mirror. But you can't easily see the fog or water vapor on the walls, ceiling or wall paper because of their non-glossy texture.

If the water in the air condenses on the cold walls, furniture, carpet, etc. in John's house because he turns down the temperature too far, he could have massive mold blooms over just about everything in the house. That will cost far more to clean up than spending the money to keep the house at 55 F. The mold spores are already in your house and John's. The food they eat is also there. All they need is liquid water to start to grow.



With the economy in a tailspin, you need every possible advantage you can get in this market. Do you work for a large or small business that sells anything that is home-improvement related? Maybe you're a roofer in El Dorado Hills, CA, or own a small hardware store in Burlington, VT, or your employer owns a replacement-window company in Scranton, PA. I think you get the point.

In just a few days, we will finish installing new software at my website that will allow me to do something never before possible. What if I told you that you could run an ad about your business at my website that will show your ad just to people who you sell to? In other words, if you own a small plumbing business in Tyler, TX, I can show your ad only when a person from Tyler is on my website. What's more, the ad will only appear on pages that have to do with plumbing!

In addition, you that you could name the days of the week when you want the ad to run? How about if I told you that you could also call out the times of day you want the ad to appear?

This kind of power now allows you or your employer to reach the exact audience in your marketplace as never before. It's absolutely amazing. If you want more information about this, contact AsktheBuilder. You will see a link there that asks you to fill out a form.



A few days ago, I got this fantastic new tool kit. It's a pocket-hole jig that allows you to build a ton of projects that look professional. I'm not kidding here. All you need is a couple of saws that allow you to make precision cuts and this jig kit to do it.

You have plenty of time to build some Christmas gifts that will be cherished by those who receive them. Your effort will be forever remembered if you give someone a simple bookcase, footstool or anything that requires you to join two pieces of wood with a strong joint.

This pocket-hole jig is made by Kreg and is called the Kreg Jig. I could write for another ten minutes, but feel the video at their website says it all.



Ellen has worked for Kathy and I for nearly 15 years. She spearheads the Stain Solver business. There's a good chance you've talked to Ellen on the phone if you've called in with a question or ordered over the phone.

Well, Ellen and Kathy have reminded me that Thanksgiving is less than a month away. If you're hosting your family and friends at your house, then you're probably going to start cleaning soon. Right? What happens if your kitchen floor is tile and the grout is grungy? Well, my Stain Solver will make that grout look like new with minimal work.

Then what about the actual celebration on Thanksgiving Day? I got a letter from a customer several years ago that brought a smile to my face. The woman wrote that she had just installed white carpet days before Thanksgiving so her house looked amazing for her guests.

You know what happened don't you? Yes, someone dropped a glass of red wine onto the spotless carpet. In normal situations, there would have been mountain loads of stress and anguish. My customer told the guest to relax and keep eating. She said, "We have nothing to worry about. I have some  Stain Solver. I'll worry about that tomorrow morning." And she wasn't kidding!

So to promote a stress-free holiday for you, why not get some Stain Solver to help you clean and have on hand in case someone spills cranberry juice, red wine, red soda pop or whatever or your carpet or cherished table cloth?

Ellen and Kathy have authorized a massive 25 percent Promo Code to enable you have a Stress-Free Stain-Solver Thanksgiving.

The promo code expires on Saturday November 9, 2008. Use it or lose it. Act now before you forget.

Go to Stain Solver. Here's the promo code:




Are you thinking about vinyl-siding installation? Some people will be attempting this job since money is tight.

Watch me perform some magic to make a blacktop driveway crack disappear. I'll bet you a chocolate malt from Aglamesis that you haven't seen this trick.

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