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November 4, 2008 Special Message

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If you're a new subscriber in the last 48 hours (and there are hundreds), this is a VERY unusual newsletter blast. I just sent a opens in a new windowbig newsletter out less than two days ago and there was a BIG mistake in it. I don't want you to think my following mea culpa is what all future newsletters will be like. Read other comments in the opens in a new windowNovember 12, 2008 AsktheBuilder News.

What happened is I announced my newest eBook about Energy Savings. I was really stoked (excited), because I *knew* this eBook would absolutely save everyone who read it - and implemented my advice - hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in their home heating and cooling costs. How did I know this? Because I've done it myself. I took advice I had heard over and over and over from others and acted on it.

The trouble is I oversold the eBook. No, I didn't run out of copies, as that can't happen since it's an electronic PDF file. I did sell more copies than I expected, and hope that you were one of the people that is all set to save money.

The mistake I made is that I unknowingly created the expectation that there was this magical product or some revolutionary unheard of method that would allow you to save money.

The truth I revealed in the eBook is there's NO Silver Bullet. Just as there's no Fountain of Youth. If Juan Ponce de Leon was still around, he could tell you all about that. But I didn't reveal that in the newsletter copy two days ago.

There's a magical product, but our government, I believe, will not release the technology. I'm talking about the technology used to make the tiles on the Space Shuttle. I read an article about those in National Geographic about 15 or 20 years ago. If my memory serves me right, those tiles have an R-factor of 2000 and are about two-inches thick. Can you imagine if they made that stuff in sheets that were one-half inch thick, just like the OSB or foam sheathing we use now? We would have houses that had an R-factor of 500. You could heat that with a candle. But I digress.

My loving daughter Meghan, whom you may already know about, quickly pointed out that the title to the eBook was misleading. I had titled it:

The Real Secrets About Energy Savings

Meghan said the title should have been:

The Truth About Energy-Savings Methods

You may be one of the ten customers who complained to me about how the eBook didn't meet your expectations. If so, I'm sorry about that, and you've already received your refund.

My Energy-Savings eBook is filled with all sorts of helpful things and with one primary common-sense method that actually works. It's much like the Chicken-Soup series of books and Erma Bombeck's books. Sometimes you need to hear a message multiple times before it sinks in. I'm living proof of that! It was my intention that my writing would be the straw that broke your back - that you would finally take action.

That said, you still may have been unsatisfied as you were/are on a quest for that magic silver bullet. The bottom line is that if you want to cut your fuel bills in half, then use 50 percent less fuel. I reveal in the eBook how I do it each day and remain comfortable. But you may not have thought that was enough information for the money you spent. If so, I once again apologize.

Here are the Facts:

The eBook discusses how each year we all get pummeled with Energy-Savings tips, and how some of those messages can be very misleading. This is in Chapter One. Many things in the eBook you've already heard, but maybe never have implemented for any number of reasons. Or worse yet, you may have been suckered into doing them thinking you were saving money. But the point in the eBook was to explain what works and what doesn't and how to calculate real savings. In my excitement, I didn't make that totally clear.

The eBook contains what I have discovered is the best method that works for me, to actually save hundreds of dollars per year. I will end up saving thousands of dollars over the next few years. Once again, I had heard this method many times before, but I ignored the advice. But when I finally tried it, I was amazed at the results.

The sad thing is I get the feeling that many will ignore the advice and continue to waste money. I'm really bummed by that as I was so excited when I saw the results of my own test.

Okay, enough said. I've changed the title and revised the sales copy at the shopping cart making it clear what's in the eBook. I want to remind you that the Satisfaction Guarantee still stands. If you purchased the eBook, didn't like it, didn't think it was worth what you paid, but were reluctant to contact me, please do so immediately. I want you to be totally happy.

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On November 19, 2008, I'll be in Boston all day at a Green Conference. If you want to get together, I'll have the details for you in a few days.

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