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Pot Filler Faucet Installation

Joanna Davis seems to have hired a contractor that has a suspect plumber who goofed up her pot filler faucet. This happened in Greenville, South Carolina. Let her tell you the facts:

"Each time I turn on my pot filler, I have to empty the first two pots of water as they smell like oil and have an oily substance. I have run gallons and gallons of water through my pot filler prior to first use, to no avail.

The Jack leg that worked for our contractor, installed the pot filler and he would not watch your pot filler installation video, and manipulated the pot filler faucet terribly. I was afraid he was going to break the faucet. Now I have this continuing problem. Do you have any idea what is happening?"

Here's my answer to Joanna:

Well, I'm pretty certain I know what's going on. I've been a master plumber for 35 years.

My guess is he put a boatload of pipe thread sealing compound on the nipple that you saw me install in my video.

Jack leg (non-professionals who masquerade as one) plumbers often load up the sealant on the female threads in the female adapter in the wall.

You should NEVER EVER put pipe thread sealant on female threads as the male nipple PUSHES the excess sealant in front of it as it threads into the fitting. It makes a mound of sealant that doesn't go away and it fouls the water as you're seeing.

The faucet needs to come apart and all fittings need to be cleaned. This time get a plumber that WILL WATCH MY POT FILLER VIDEO.


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