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Pull Start Fire Review

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Pull Start Fire | This is the kind of roaring fire you have in just minutes with Pull Start Fire. CLICK or TAP HERE to have six of them in your hands in two days. I started this fire using Pull Start Fire and this is what it looked like in less than 3 minutes after pulling the red string.

Pull Start Fire - It Really Works! Put on a Magic Show

I tested the Pull Start Fire product over the past month. It's pretty amazing and I can tell you I have three of them in my survival kit.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is truly a life-saving invention or tool. You SHOULD absolutely have three of these if you feel the need to stay warm in some sort of disaster situation or accident while out traveling. CLICK or TAP HERE now to order.

How Did You Use Pull Start Fire in a Magic Show?

A week ago, my youngest daughter had two friends over to watch movies outdoors. They used a magic little movie projector that they could download an entire movie into. They wanted to do this down by the lake at my house. They used a white sheet as the projection screen.

small movie projector

This is a tiny movie projector about the size of a can of soda! It has it's own battery! CLICK or TAP HERE to order one.

I knew it would be dark by the time they arrived and the temperature was forecast to drop into the 40s by the time they were done with the movie, so my daughter asked me to help with a fire.

She was at work so I stacked the firewood just like I was taught as a Boy Scout. I put the Pull Start Fire product at the base of the stacked firewood, extended the red string to the edge of the granite fire ring, and covered all of it with dry leaves and pine needles to hide it.

When all the girls came over and we wandered down to the patio by the lake, it was pitch dark. A perfect way to create the illusion.

I had prepared a small prayer thanking the Great Spirit for the gathering, the good food and drink, the magic lightbox, and His ability to keep all warm. It ended with, "... we thank you for your gift of warmth and ask now for your help to ignite the flames!"

I yanked the string in the darkness, the Pull Start Fire went POP, and moments later the firewood was starting to blaze away.

"How did you DO THAT?" The girls asked. Because it was pitch black, they didn't see me pull the string, and of course, had no idea there was any sort of magic firestarter. They probably thought I'd just strike a kitchen match to light the fire.

Like any magician, I just walked back up the stairs to the house saying, "Have a great movie!"

Of course, you don't tell how you do magic, silly!

What is So Fantastic?

You don't need matches to start a fire! Just about every other fire-starting method relies on matches, or a lighter, or a fire piston, or a magnifying glass, or who-knows-what. With Pull Start Fire, you simply pull a string and you've got a roaring fire in three minutes - assuming you know how to stack firewood using increasingly larger sizes in a cross-hatched pattern like cribbing.

How Big is Pull Start Fire?

The magic box is about the size of a traditional ice-cream sandwich. It's 1 inch high, 4.5 inches long, and 2 inches wide.

Will It Ignite Wet Wood?

The manufacturers claim it will. It's KEY to stack the wood like cribbing and to have smaller pieces of wood situated over the top of the Pull Start Fire box. Use common sense.

pull start fire

This is what the box looks like. Don't eat it thinking it's an ice-cream sandwich. CLICK or TAP HERE to have three delivered to your home.

pull start fire

This is how simple it is to start a fire. Even with wet or damp wood! CLICK or TAP HERE to order now.

pull start fire

This is the green string you loop around one of the bottom logs. Be SURE you have lots of air space around the wood. Stack small 3/4-inch pieces over the box so that wood catches on fire fast. CLICK or TAP HERE to order.

pull start fire

This red string is about 24 inches long. You give it a solid YANK to get Pull Start Fire to ignite. CLICK or TAP HERE to order three of them immediately.

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