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Recessed Lighting Manufacturers

Recessed Light Manufacturers

Following is a list of some of the leaders in the recessed lighting industry. They have lights that span virtually any residential use you can imagine. If you live in a major metropolitan area, they will be represented by numerous lighting retailers. If you have lighting showrooms like those here in Cincinnati, you will find abundant literature, brochures, etc. at these retail lighting centers. Use the following names as an aid to identifying companies who have a track record in making these types of fixtures.

Finally, do not buy cheap fixtures. Make sure the UL label is clearly stamped on the fixture. Absolutely follow the installation instructions to the letter! Recessed lights often require a special type of plastic coated wire (Romex) that has a high temperature rating. If you use some old wiring from your basement, and/or wiring salvaged from a job it may be unsafe! It may not be rated at 90 degrees Centigrade. This is the temperature rating the wire must have. UL approved plastic coated wire that is stamped NMB is what you should look for. The letter B is the designation that indicates it can withstand temperatures up to 90 degrees Centigrade. This is vitally important. Be sure to look for this lettering on your wire.

  • Capri Lighting
  • Cooper Lighting - Halo
  • Juno Lighting
  • Lightolier
  • Prescolite
  • Progress Lighting
  • Thomas Lighting


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