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Rockler HVLP Paint Sprayer Video

Tim Carter reviews the Rockler HVLP Spray Gun and really likes the simplicity and ease of clean up. Plus, it does a great job painting to boot!

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  1. That disassembly is fairly standard. I've got about six sprayers, HVLP, conversion HVLP, and detail guns. All work with those standard parts. I have a small diameter hose (an old washer supply hose with one end cut off) on my wash-out basin. Before I disassemble the unit I run water up the feed pipe and hold open the valve. This flushes out most of the finish in the gun prior to disassembly.

    On this type of gun, there is generally a small air supply tube to pressurize the pot. Make sure you keep this clean or it won't feed the finish and you'll get a lot of sputtering.

    I spray mostly water-borne clear finishes and these type of guns are great for that. Especially complex pieces like chairs and tables where there are a lot of intersections of parts. I can spray a chair in much less than a minute and it would take me half an hour or more to brush on a good finish. There are a lot of very good w/b finishes out there these days and they work best sprayed on.

    If you spray a lot of different finishes like I do, you may want to look at additional guns so you don't get cross-contamination. I have separate guns for lacquer, shellac, w/b clears, and w/b stains.

  2. Great video Tim, and yes it does look easy to clean....but like the guy above stated, if you do a lot of different painting, best to buy additional guns.....I like that idea.....
    So can you tell me what kind of gun my daughter needs to paint 2 white outside Rockers that stay on the front porch ? (They came from Cracker Barrel) and now they need painting.... she thought when she bought them, they were the kind that did not need painting....but now they really do need painting....so could you answer that and recommend what kind of paint she would need also....She was going to just paint them with a brush, I told her to spray paint them, she says the spray paint runs.....so when she does the underside first, it would run onto the other side of the rocker and be a mess !!! any comments/advice on this ??

    Thanks Tim

  3. Forgot to add this too.....she also just finished painting her daughters' white bedroom set, bed, dresser, nite stand, hutch & desk and she used a brush......could this have been done with the sprayer you used on the video ? It took her several days to finish it, but it looks like a brand new bedroom set !!!!


  4. Well Tim now you just suggested 2 different sprayers in the last couple of weeks. The recent sprayer from Rockler and a couple weeks ago you recommended the Wagner Flexio 890. Which one is the better of the two? I took your recommendation and purchase the Wagner Flexio 890, I couldn't buy it from Amazon because they didn't have any in stock, so I had to purchase it at the big box store, sorry you missed out on the commission. I used the sprayer to paint a fence, I'm giving it a rating of 7 being 10 the highest. It sprayed the paint fairly good, I used primer/paint and didn't thin it out to see how it would do, (ok) thinning the paint worked much better, but had to give it 2 to 3 coats of paint to really get a good coverage.
    paint and had to move very slow.

    • I didn't show it because that's an entire video in itself. I estimate that would be a five-minute video on it's own. You just follow the instructions with the sprayer how to use it and then you TEST the thinned paint. Not all paints thin the same way, that's the issue!

  5. Tim, which one of the sprayers were better in reference to Mike comments to you in the Rockler spray painter vs the Wagner?

  6. I have used a Earlex and the Rockler but not the Wagner. The Earlax belonged to a friend of mine so i tried it out. I tried the Rockler and i like the Rocef because it was simple and easy to clean. I have sprayed latex paint and now i am going to spray oil primer then varnish and lacquer will be last. Do i beed to a complete system for each one or just the guns?

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