Rough In Basement Bathroom

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Tim Carter talks with Bill in Virginia. Bill has to rough in his basement bathroom in a new location. He has to move it about 15 feet. 

Bill wonders about venting the bathroom and Tim has the answer. Tim's been a master plumber since age 29 and has had to rough in a basement bathroom a time or two or three.

Here are some photos of Bill's situation and Tim offers up an isometric drawing of how to install the drain and vent piping.


rough in basement bathroom

This is the current location of the plumbing rough in.


rough in basement bathroom

This is looking the other way. See the one capped PVC pipe in the bottom of the photo? The new bathroom is going to be located in the upper left of the photo across from the sliding door. The isometric drawing just below shows how Bill can install his building drains and do the venting so everything meets current plumbing codes.

Isometric rough-in diagram

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