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Santa Fe Advance 2 Dehumidifier

The Santa Fe Advance 2 is a great dehumidifier.

How do you judge such things?


The first thing to look at is how much water will it remove from the air in a 24-hour period.

The Advance 2 by Santa Fe is rated at 90 pints of water. 

If you remember your grade school math, that's 11.25 gallons.

That's over two five-gallon buckets of water. WOW!

The second thing to realize is the Santa-Fe dehumidifier will typically cost LESS to operate.


Since it removes so much water from the air FASTER, it won't stay on as long as cheaper brands with small tiny coils that might ice up on you!

The Santa Fe Advance 2 dehumidifier also costs more than most other brands. You might recoil from that.

The reason the price is higher is simple:

  • it contains better parts
  • it has better engineering
  • it has more robust coils and compressors
  • it has commercial-grade components
  • it can last much longer than the cheaper home-center units
  • it can be adapted to connect to flexible piping so the dry air is delivered to your home through decorative wall registers

CLICK HERE to get more information about Santa Fe dehumidifiers.

CLICK HERE to watch my video review of this dehumidifier.


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