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Santa Fe Dehumidifier Advance 2 Video

Tim Carter talks about the features and benefits of a high-quality dehumidifier. Many cheaper ones simply don't take enough humidity out of the air fast enough.

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Watch this video and discovery the features of the Santa Fe Dehumidifier Advance 2.


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  1. Great review and product but most of them seem large and for crawl spaces. I have a split foyer and concern is the humidity level downstairs which this time of year hovers around 50% or more and as you come down the steps it smells stale in the family room.

    Can you recommend one of the dehumidifiers for a large family room? I had a dehumidifier several years back(Kenmore) but it died. The area downstairs is about 24x30.


    • Take a look at our Santa Fe Compact 2 for your application. The Compact 2 offers a smaller size and capacity than the Advance 2 but stills provides up to 70 pints of water removal and enough capacity to cover 1,800 sq. ft (even more on a tightly sealed structure).

      Keep in mind, it's hard to oversize a dehumidifier. Unlike an A/C system the dehumidifier will still run as long as it needs to in order to maintain your desired RH% setting. Once satisfied, the dehumidifier turns off and runs as needed. A larger dehumidifier will have less run time than a smaller unit. However, a dehumidifier that is more properly sized according to the surroundings will run more efficiently (less starting and stopping).

      Please give me a call with more questions:

      Justin Mundth
      Therma-Stor / Santa Fe

  2. Tim,

    Sometimes I feel that you and I shop using the same methods. It’s not easy to come up with Santa Fe as the dehumidifier solution unless you ignore the mass marketing, but a few years ago that’s what I did. So I laid out $900 to a Pest Control Company – there is a link to Santa Fe there somewhere – and he drop shipped one to me. It was a terrific product… put out buckets of water during the summer and eliminated moisture in my basement. Once everything dried up even the crickets and spiders moved out.

    Less than a year later, the coils started freezing up. Santa Fe replaced the unit at no charge. Because of the size and weight, Santa Fe ships via common carrier on a half-pallet, with a pre-addressed sticker and a number to call so the old one can be picked up. Easy.

    May 2014 the replacement unit stopped producing condensate. I filled out their web form and received via email… a ticket number. I hate ticket numbers. Most organizations that provide ticket numbers, often in the computer world, provide lousy service. I got busy and never followed up. You guessed it… never heard anything again and I shoved my $900 investment to a back corner of the basement.

    Then you wrote your review this week, and I decided to pursue it because I wasn’t going to let you get away with writing nice words about a product that has crappy customer service. So I called their toll free number and spoke to a human. Good start. She found my record and apologized that they had not followed up but would this time. Received an email confirming the call. An hour later received a call from a tech. He confirmed the unit was broken and out of warranty. I just knew that was coming. Then he offered to send me a new one, for free. Which was then followed by an email letting me know that it was on its way. Nice. Score another one for AskTheBuilder.

    And now you know, the rest of the story.

  3. I own a Santa Fe Classic. Purchased in 2008, it ran wonderfully for several years and dehumidified a very wet basement of about 1,200 sq ft. Unfortunately, the blower recently stopped working, and upon replacement (at a cost of $160) I discover that the compressor is also bad. For what is now a $1,700+ machine, I'm a little disappointed...

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