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September 24, 2014 AsktheBuilder Newsletter & Tips

Super Affiliate Secrets Review
Super Affiliate Secrets Review

In less than two weeks, you're going to have a chance to win huge money.

If you're a new or newer subscriber to this newsletter, I ran a survey months ago asking "What prize(s) would you like to see as part of the fun games I'll be running?"

Far and away the answer selected was Cold Cash.

What if I told you that in less than two weeks you'll see a game in this newsletter that will have a total of $2,000 in cash prizes? The grand prize is $1,000.

Would that get your attention? What's the game about?

Here's a clue and imagine nine other different door colors!

Bottom Line: You should open the October 7th AsktheBuilder newsletter and you better play the fun and simple game!


Tip of the Week - Cleaning ANYTHING

Yesterday I received this email from Robert Wright:

"Could you tell me what is a good product to clean grout in my entrance hall? I have a square green stone that was used in many homes in the 80's and 90's. Some of the grout looks nice while most looks dirty. I tried something called Zap but it did not clean or brighten the dirty grout."

Here was my response to Robert:

"Jeeeesh, I'm doing a P * * * POOR job of telling everyone about my magical Stain Solver, the Certified organic oxygen bleach Kathy and I make, package and sell!"

I sent Robert to this Before and After page at the Stain Solver website showing him a green slate floor - that's probably what he has - that was cleaned with Stain Solver. The photos are DRAMATIC.

Late last week, we received another set of photos that blew my mind. Actually, I was more taken aback by the story Sally sent.

You'll not believe the before and after photos of her prize family quilt.

Stain Solver is a company that Kathy and I own. We started it. It's our baby.

Stain Solver is a Multi-Purpose cleaner. It's Certified organic. It cleans just about ANYTHING water washable.

It gets out set stains in clothes, carpet, upholstery, etc.

It cleans up tough pet stains. It removes pet odors. It clean decks, docks, patios, roofs, car carpets, boat cushions, camping equipment, etc. The list is endless.

Spend some time at the Before and After section. Just click the photos in the left column to be taken to the page to see the full before and after photos.

Happy Cleaning!


Product of the Week - Sog Flash II Knife

I don't know about you, but I always carry a pocket knife. There are so many uses for it.

As you might expect, I've tested many. Some are too big. Some are too heavy. Some have an inferior design or are not well balanced.

I believe I may have located the Holy Grail of pocket knives, but I'm still on the quest in case there's a better one.

It's the Sog Flash II knife.

CLICK HERE and read the specs. You'll see why. You can't believe how light it is. I love the fact it won't rust. I LOVE the serrated part of the blade for the tough jobs.


Adding Oil to Engines

Do you add oil from time to time to the engine in your lawn mower, car or? Your car may have a habit of burning a quart of oil every 1,000 miles or so.

What if I told you I added five GALLONS of oil the other day to the GP7 locomotive at the train?

Behind the large swinging doors of this beast is a 16-cylinder, 1500 Hp diesel engine. It burns that much oil up every 100 miles. That's $90 if you want to do the math. Realize this locomotive engine was built two years before I was born!



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