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September 30, 2018 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

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This past Thursday at 12:20 am I walked through the door of my house after a grueling day of travel from Las Vegas. I had been out West for eight days hiking in Utah with a buddy.

My two-leg flight transformed into a four-leg flight zigzagging across the South and Midwest finally getting me back to the Northeast!

We hiked at the following places:

Zion National Park
Cedar Breaks National Monument
Kodachrome State Park
Snow Canyon State Park

It was a little toasty at all of them except for Cedar Breaks. That national monument is at 10,500 feet in elevation so it was in the mid 60s.

CLICK the above park names to see some of my best photos from each of these treasures. If you decide to go, my advice is to visit each place when the daytime high temperature is in the mid 70s, not 98 F like it was in Snow Canyon!

FREE Lenox Blade For You

A week before I left for my trip, I was a guest at the Lenox Saw Blade factory in Springfield, MA. What a delight it was to see how saw blades are made!

The Lenox people were showing off two new jigsaw blades, one for cutting wood and the other for cutting metal.

lenox new wood blade


Lenox Metal Blade

They did two side-by-side tests of the new blades against the top performing Bosch blade.

I taped a video of each test as well as a video of the parts of the factory I was allowed to show you. Most of the factory is OFF LIMITS to photography and video as the machines and processes are top secret.

Lenox surprised us at the end of the tour by offering you a FREE BLADE of your choice. I've never had a company do this before as it means sending out tens of thousands of blades!!!

The offer EXPIRES soon you need to ACT NOW.

I urge you to get one. The offer is only for one blade per household. This means if you want BOTH blades you need to get creative and have a neighbor, a relative, a co-worker, or friend fill out the form so you can get both blades.

The metal blade has a slight curve to it that enhances the cutting speed. WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE THE VIDEOS!!!

CLICK HERE for the link to the FREE BLADES, the three videos AND my story about the factory tour.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have friends or anyone you know who wants one of these free blades, SHARE THE FOLLOWING URL. Send all you know to the page at my website with the LINK to the Lenox page as well as the three videos. Here's the actual URL:

Lenox Saw Blade Factory Tour

You can share the above ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ URL on your social media accounts, your personal email list, etc. I want to show Lenox that I can create a buzz, so SHARE this URL far and wide:

Lenox Saw Blade Factory Tour

BIG Announcement on Tuesday

I've got a huge announcement on Tuesday. You'll NOT WANT to miss this, so watch for a fast newsletter on Tuesday.

It's really big news and I've got a special offer for you to help celebrate the announcement!

Smoking Fireplaces

Does your fireplace smoke? Do you want to know WHY it smokes?

Are you building a new home with a fireplace and want it to function perfectly? Are you adding a room addition with a masonry fireplace?
Smoking Fireplace
CLICK HERE to read a column I revised yesterday that shares how you PREVENT smoking fireplaces.

The physics of fire, heated air, cold air in chimneys, etc. is complex. You can't just lay some brick and stone and hope it all works out.

When you get to the column, you'll discover a handy table that gives you the all-important DIMENSIONS of the fireplace opening, the size of the firebox, the size of the flue, the smoke chamber, the height of the chimney, etc.

It's important to realize that you can mix and match chimney height and flue liners!!

CLICK HERE so there's no smoke in your home!

P.S. Don't let your mason use regular mortar in between the special high-temperature firebrick! It should be fire clay. I've got a link in the above column that allows you to buy this special powder you mix with water to the consistency of gravy.

New Podcasts For You!

I've got three new podcasts for you. One is about some cool new levels, another is about a dangerous concrete porch stoop, and the final one is about how to STOP paint odor, or any odor on a wall or ceiling.

You can listen to the podcasts for FREE. It's just old-fashioned radio, but you can listen when you want to.

There are helpful PHOTOS at all of the following links that allow you to see what I was talking about.

Click the following links:

New Cool Levels Podcast

Replace Concrete Porch Stoop Podcast

Paint Odor Blocker Podcast

If you have smoke odor, cat urine, or any other ODOR on your walls and ceilings, you absolutely want to listen to the Paint Odor Blocker podcast!

CLICK HERE to see/listen to all my past podcasts.

Listen to Podcasts

That's enough for a Sunday morning.

Remember, WATCH for the announcement on Tuesday! You don't want to miss it.

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