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Tough Tested Solar Battery Review

Review || Solar Powered 10000mAh US...
Review || Solar Powered 10000mAh USB Charger

June 2022 Update: Currently, it appears that the Tough Tested products are currently unavailable.

I checked out the Tough Tested Solar Battery recently. 

The moment I unpacked it I had a feeling it was going to become a sweetheart tool.

Within moments, I put it in direct sunlight to see how the 280 mA trickle charger worked.

Real Charging Done With USB Input

The first thing to remember is this battery gets charged using a standard USB cable that you'd use to charge your cellphone or any other small electronic device. The solar panel is just a trickle charger meant to top off the battery once you're away from an input power source.

tough tested solar battery

Here's the storage battery minutes after unpacking it. It comes with a handy carabiner so you can attach it to the outside of a backpack. This allows it to charge up as you hike. CLICK THE PHOTO to have one delivered to your home in days. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

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Tough Tested Solar Battery is Durable

It's important to realize loved the durable waterproof rubber case. This will protect the battery if you take it on a rough and tumble outdoor adventure.

tough tested solar battery

The solar battery fits in my hand with no problems. It weighs more than you'd expect, but that because of the trillions of electrons inside waiting to flow into your cell phone or laptop! CLICK THE PHOTO NOW to have this battery delivered to your door. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

Charge Two Things at Once

Another key point is the ability to charge two things at once. The battery has two standard USB output ports both equipped with Instasense technology. The charger is smart and knows how much power to deliver to each device you're charging.

tough tested solar battery

You can see the two charging ports labeled on the back. The input port is a standard micro-USB port. The four star-shaped things are the ultra-bright flashlight and emergency-beacon LEDS. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

Tough Tested Solar Battery Lights

The front of the charger has blue LED lights that act as a fuel gauge. When all four are lit, the charger is full or nearly full. The charger can store 16,000 mA of power. This is enough to charge your standard cell phone at least five or six times.

tough test solar battery

The angled blue LED lights on the front are the fuel gauge. When all four are lit, you've got lots of power inside the battery. You can see the flashlight working behind it. CLICK THE PHOTO NOW to buy this amazing storage battery. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

tough tested solar battery

The LED flashlight is blindingly bright. It's got two settings, plus a flashing emergency beacon. Are you sitting down? If you HOLD IN the power button for a few seconds, the flashlight sends Morse code SOS. I'm an amateur radio operator and this is a life-saving feature if your lost at night! Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

Final Recommendation

I really like the Tough Tested Solar Battery. It's not a bad size and the fact you can charge two things at once makes it a must-have for me.

In the final analysis, if you're outdoors away from normal charging electricity, you're going to LOVE this battery pack. CLICK HERE to have the solar battery pack delivered to your door.


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