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Trex Low Voltage Lighting Photos

DIY No Wire Light
DIY No Wire Light
trex low voltage lighting

These are the post cap lights on my Trex Transcend deck. It's magical to be on the deck at dusk. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

Here's a collection of photos showing how I connected up my Trex low-voltage lighting.

Trex Low Voltage Lighting Is Easy to Connect

First, allow me to show you what the lights look like when they're on:

trex low voltage lighting

The LED Trex low-voltage lighting in the stair risers allows for safe travel at night. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

trex low voltage lighting

I lifted the post cap off the post so you can see the wiring. The light comes with the pre-wired stub and it just plugs into the extension wire that runs inside the sleeve down to one of the splice blocks under the deck. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

Trex Low Voltage Wiring

Here's a Trex splice block. This one has a power wire coming into the block to feed it and one going out to the next splice block. That leaves space to connect four different lights. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

Trex Low Voltage Transformer

Here's a Trex low-voltage transformer. They come in two sizes. The Trex manual shows you how to calculate what size you need. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

Trex Low Voltage Timer

The Trex timer has a very short cord. You plug it into a standard GFCI outdoor outlet. Mine is under the deck to keep it nice and dry. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

Trex Low Voltage Timer

Here's the timer again. The transformer plug goes into the bottom of the timer. It's like plugging in a lamp into a wall outlet at your home. So safe! Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

Trex Low Voltage Riser Light

This is the front view of a Trex low-voltage riser light. You can see it's small and the light goes down, not up. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

Trex Deck Logo Plate

What better way to tell your visitors what they're standing on? Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

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