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Troy Bilt 3 Stage Snowblower Review

Troy Bilt 3 Stage Snowblower Review

I had the distinct pleasure to test this Troy-Bilt 3-stage snowblower yesterday, February 10, 2017.

The day before central New Hampshire, Boston, and Maine got hammered by a Nor'easter that dumped about 9 or 10 inches of snow at my house.

The snow slides off my DaVinci Roofscapes synthetic slate roof like an athlete zooming down a luge.

The snow compacts on my rear deck. If you don't remove it, the snow would get 8 feet tall and collapse the deck.

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 Since I don't want my Trex Transcend deck ruined, I need to get it off. Shoveling is not an option because the snow can compact like CONCRETE.

That's why I wanted to use a snowblower that's parked on the deck the entire winter.

The high-speed center auger chewed through the packed snow and sent it halfway down to the lake like you might munch on a cracker.

I've never operated a more aggressive snowblower. It exceeded my expectations.

You'll love it and best of all, it's Made in the USA!


This is an amazing snowblower. It's the BEST ONE I've ever used - hands down. CLICK THE IMAGE NOW TO ORDER ONE.

I loved the heated hand grips.

It was easy to start.

The controls are responsive.

The chute was easy to control.

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I also happen to love the color red as it matched my New England Patriots knit hat!

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16 Responses to Troy Bilt 3 Stage Snowblower Review

  1. Great snow blower, but with all those 3 stages, you did not get electric start? Electric start sure takes the burden off the shoulder, no matter how easy it is to pull a cord. We have an electric start Troy Built, named Igor, and he works very well, too.

  2. If I didn't already have a snowblower I might be interested. Everything written in your article was great until you brought up the Patriots. Now I have to spend time in my safe space. (;-)

    A PA fan...Next year Steelers!!

    And thanks for taking most of our snow.

    • Mine too, but mine's a 30" and yellow. Otherwise exactly, knobs and everything I believe they're all made by MTD.
      That said, I've been very happy with mine on a 400' driveway, once I figured out that you get much better shear pins on the internet than what the dealer gives you.

  3. Awesome snow blower, but how do you get it up on your deck. I'm sure wife wouldn't let you "drive" it through the house?? I think the OSHA guys might gasp over the hanging glove drawstrings hanging down around dangerous machinery with high speed moving parts. Safety First!

    • I did drive it through the house.... but with engine off. It's got these amazing squeeze triggers that release the wheels from the drive axles so you can do zero turns.

      SORE SPOT about OSHA! Best we don't have that conversation here in public....

      I'm a BIG BELIEVER in common sense. One should keep drawstrings away from all moving parts. That's why, if I need to get in front of the machine, it gets turned OFF.

      The USA got quite far without OSHA. Each person out there needs to realize that they're spending per year, probably on average, $1,000 - or more - extra for things because of OSHA.

      The cost of all those regulations on employers is baked into the price of everything.

      (flame suit is on and all flaps sealed) 😉

  4. Looks like a very nice Snow Blower. Only thing I would add, would be a Snow Cab for the operators protection from all the blowing snow. Just my 2 cents worth. Russ

  5. I wish I had one of those machines Tim. I've got a typical blower you would get at Home Depot. It's ok. But good thing it has an electric start. I can't start it with the rip cord. And I know exactly what you mean by compacted snow. You may as well try to plow through concrete. My machine won't touch it but that one you demonstrated ate it up like candy floss. Very impressive. Incidentally, I am rural, central Ontario. It's been snowing all day. My surroundings look just like yours. I'm up to my eye balls in snow and there is still plenty of time for a lot more.

  6. Most MTD Arnold 2 stage snowblowers (including those under the TroyBilt name include a plug in electric start and the pull start. That 357 cc engine is a real big brute; heavy and strong. Great for long driveways, some shorter ones with heavy snow and ice. Watching that video was neat!

  7. Consumer Reports included a Troy 2890, with virtually all of the specs for the 2690, in their list of 5 three stage snow blowers, as the best buy for 12 to 24 in. snowfalls. At 283 lbs. and large size it is a great machine at $1,400, but too large for storage and medium snowfalls in the Chicago area.

    I wish you could convince Troy to develop a smaller scale, 3-stage blower in the $800 or $900 range.

  8. I have had the Cub Cadet 3X 26" three stage snowblower for two years now and it is absolutely the best snow blower I have ever used.

  9. From that video I can see someone was having way too much fun! ;). That looks like a nice machine to use when Mother Nature chooses not to play nice. For the past 8 years, I have been using a 1962 Snowbird S-262 I rescued from the dumpster during my father-in-law's spring cleaning. So far it has served me well, and I hope it will do so until I can relocate to a snow-free zone!

  10. I don't know if you will see this, as the other posts are all 2 years old - but how do you like the snowblower now? We have a similar situation with the snow off the roof and are tired of chopping it up and shoveling it away from our propane takes and exhaust vents. Does this snowblower really go through that stuff? Has it kept up with the snow this winter in the white Mountains? Thanks

    • Jeanne,

      The blower is my go-to machine for each snowfall. It works GREAT.

      That said, it's UNREALISTIC for you to feel that any homeowner snowblower will deal with ICE chunks. Well, maybe small ones the size of walnuts.

      Ice is what breaks shear pins. You need to blow any and all snow BEFORE it transitions to ice.

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