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Waterproof Electric Arc Lighter

waterproof electric arc lighter

Waterproof Electric Arc Lighter | This thing is magic. It will create an arc 300 times on a full charge. It has a built-in battery! CLICK or TAP HERE to order one now. It was only $14.95 at the time of this review!

Waterproof Electric Arc Lighter - It Really Works!

I love small survival fire starters. You need no less than three different ones in case you get caught outdoors and must start a fire.

This electric arc lighter is not only waterproof, but it's good-looking, and above all else, it starts fires!

Watch this short video of it in action:

I tested it starting the following things:

  • paper towel
  • dryer lint
  • dry leaves

It ignited all of those things in less than a second.

Note, all those things above are tinder. You need dry tinder to start a fire in an emergency!

What's the BEST Tinder to Have to Start a Fire?

The best tinder is wax-coated wood fiber. You should always have a small bag of tinder with you to start a fire. You could be out in the woods where it is VERY wet and hard to find dry tinder.

Here are TWO things I'd always have with me to GUARANTEE I'd be able to start a fire. A small amount of Fiber Light takes up less space than the Pull Start Fire box. CLICK or TAP HERE to read my review about Pull Start Fire.

fiber light tinder

This is Fiber Light. It's wax-coated wood fiber. It starts with a SPARK, not a flame! CLICK on IMAGE to order a bag now.

pull start fire

This is Pull Start Fire. It starts a fire with NO matches or spark. You just pull a string! Don't eat it thinking it's an ice-cream sandwich. CLICK on the IMAGE to have three delivered to your home.

CLICK or TAP HERE to get all the specifications.

waterproof electric arc lighter

The waterproof cover has a safety latch that you must slide off first. Then you press a chrome OPEN button on the side to flip open the lighter. You can see the four electrodes that create the X arc. CLICK THE IMAGE to have this lighter in your hands in days. It's MAGIC!

waterproof electric arc lighter

You can see the purple arcing electricity! Simply put whatever you want to light in the X and you'll have a FIRE. CLICK the IMAGE to order two of these right now. They come in different colors!

waterproof electric arc lighter

This is the micro-USB charging slot. It takes just 90 minutes to fully charge the internal battery. You get 300 starts with a full charge. CLICK on the IMAGE to order several of these for friends and family. You should ALWAYS HAVE ONE in your car or truck glove box!

waterproof electric arc lighter

You get all these accessories too! A lanyard, the USB charging cable, and a manual fire starter you scrape against one another to start a fire in case you forget to keep the lighter CHARGED! CLICK or TAP HERE NOW to order five of these!



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