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What To Do If Gas Leak

what to do if gas leak

What to do if gas leak: Use a wrench like this to turn off the gas. Then immediately get out of the house and away from it. Then call 911. Copyright 2018 Tim Carter

What To Do If Gas Leak Video

Do you know what to do if there's a gas leak? Watch this video and save your life and that of loved ones:

If you have natural gas, you'll need a wrench to turn off the gas at the gas meter. You should keep an inexpensive pipe wrench at the gas meter or very close to it. You don't want to be wasting time trying to locate a wrench in a cluttered workbench or have to go back inside the house to the basement to get the wrench.

If your gas meter is in the home's basement, do NOT attempt to turn it off, EVACUATE the house and dial 911 a safe distance away from the home.

The gas concentration in the basement could be deadly. Propane is heavier than air. It will COLLECT in a basement.

Natural gas is lighter than air, but it could still collect in a basement to deadly and dangerously explosive concentrations.

Do NOT attempt to open windows. GET OUT OF THE HOUSE.


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  1. Tim, Thank you for educating all of us!
    I have natural gas at my house in NY, I installed a gas shut off outside. I worked out a deal with ConEd, at no real cost to me for them to install my meter outside and just after the meter I installed a 1 1/2" ball valve. So, there is a 2" valve on the utility side of the meter and a easy to use, no wrench required valve on my side of the meter.
    At my house in Minnesota I instructed anyone there if they thought there was a gas leak to leave, go to the propane tank, shut it off the valve, call FD & the gas company.

  2. Living in earthquake country (Palm Springs, CA on the San Andreas Fault), I've kept a simple flat eathquake wrench taped to the gas meter pipe. I know where it will be when I need it.

  3. Tim, does this video, with the one on gas storage, make up the two your newsletter says that I have to see?

  4. Don't bother to open the windows. I buy that.( time wasted in getting out.) But should you leave the door open that you just exited? or will this make a better air/fuel mixture for an explosion?

  5. I've often wondered about an incident of leaking gas smell and inquired about it only to find that no one was concerned. I was a substitute teacher working at a middle school teaching children years ago. As I pulled into the parking lot of the school, there was a strong smell of gas in the air. Since I worked as a maintenance man earlier in my life I knew that wasn't normal. I was told that happens all the time and excess gas was being evacuated from the furnace that heats the water. They were not concerned and not alarmed. I was told not to worry. That school was the last time I went to substitute there. Hopefully maintenance repaired the leak.

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