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Window Cleaning Video

Using the proper tools will get your windows clean just like the professionals. Using a sprayer cleaner and a paper towel might just move the dirt around. The professionals use a scrubber, which has a fleece-like material, used to apply the cleaning solution. This is a soap with some degreaser. Similar to the dish washing soap you use in the kitchen. Drip the scrubber in the solution and scrub the windows. The fleece-like material traps a lot of the dirt from the window.

This step is followed by a squeegee to wipe away the remaining dirt and solution. Wipe the squeegee after each wipe to clean the rubber blade. Use lint free wiping cloths.

Your windows will be easily cleaned if you follow these simple window cleaning tips.


8 Responses to Window Cleaning Video

  1. I'll be getting these window-cleaning tools soon. Thanks specifically for this advice, and in general for your newsletter and website. I'm always glad to see your newsletter in my mailbox.

  2. I learned about the scrubber-and-squeegee trick when I worked for a major department store. The professional cleaners NEVER used cloths or paper towels/newspaper on a window. Their cleaning solution was very diluted, so they never had to rinse - just scrub on-squeegee off.

    That said, I don't clean the outsides of my windows any more. Helps prevent birds from crashing into them.

  3. How to clean glass shower doors with hard water stains itched in glass, it needs a razor scrubbing small section at a time, is there a good chemical and scrubber?


    • It's a recommendation, not a law. Much like what you see happening in our current government. Many high-ranking officials feel that laws are recommendations. In your case, only clean when you can no longer see outside and the windows appear to have a fog on them. 🙂

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