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Zircon Leak Alert WiFi

Leak Alert Wifi by Zircon Offers You Its Protection

How To Be Alerted To Leaks Early

The Leak Alert Wifi is a dandy little alarm.

Powered by a lithium battery, the device sits and waits for water to leak. When the water contacts the alarm, it sends you an email.

The email tells you exactly where the alarm is going off.

Floats In A Flood - Sounds 105 dB alarm and blinks SOS

If you have a severe flood because lots of water is entering your home, the Leak Alert Wifi floats.

It will continue to sound its 105 dB tone and the flashing red light warns you of water hazards.

You can install one of these little alarms anywhere in your home you think water can be an issue. You name each one differently so when you get the email, you know where the leak is happening.

More Information

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or call 1-800-245-9265.

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6 Responses to Zircon Leak Alert WiFi

  1. You said it even works in the event of a power failure without clarifying that you wouldn’t get an email if your router didn’t have power. Things always seem to happen when I’m not home and the power failure and water damage always go hand in hand as my sump pump doesn’t work either.
    Automatic generator would be nice but I’m too poor.

    • The Leak Alert WiFi does continue to work during a power failure. If you're in the home you can see the flashing light and hear the 105 dB alarm.

      Granted in the rare opportunity when there's a power failure and a burst pipe at the same exact time AND you're away, you won't know.

      But that's a very rare combination of events. If it's a flood from a massive storm and the power goes out stopping your sump pump, you're toast no matter what happens. Not 1 in 10,000 people have some sort of backup pump to save them in that event.

  2. Most Amazon reviews are very good. But, numerous comments say that the device just stopped working after a short period, is subject to false alarms and that the battery wears out quickly. At $40 for the wifi version, the device isn't cheap when there will be multiple devices involved.

    Have you tried multiple of these devices over an extended period in your home? Did you run into any of the same issues reported by other buyers?

    • I've not had those issues. Never had a false alarm. It's too early to say about the battery life.

      I usually discount battery-life comments because the batteries could be bad from the factory or the item has sat on a shelf for a year before shipping.

      Being an amateur radio operator, I look at what the device is drawing for current. In the standby state where it's waiting for a leak, I don't think it draws power at all. It only draws power when water comes in contact.

      You could verify that with the Zircon company.

    • George,

      Easy. Go to the Zircon page and ask them. They make the device.

      When you have questions about the functionality of a product, who better to answer the questions than the people who make it?

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