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April 15, 2018 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

We're halfway through April. Yesterday I got a text from a friend who's an amateur radio operator like I am. Emily and her husband live in south central Pennsylvania and went for a hike.

She told me it was 89 F. This impish young woman has a long legacy of pulling my leg. After all, it was a balmy 34 F in central New Hampshire and my guess was maybe it might be 55 F at Emily's house.

I went to Accuweather and by gosh it was 89 F! Here's what Mother Nature left for me overnight on my truck and driveway.

It's April 15th by gosh! Hells bells - the ice is never going to leave the lake at this point!


Leak Alert WiFi by Zircon

How would you like to get an instant email ALERT when a water leak happens at your home?

But wait, there's MORE! The email tells you exactly WHERE the leak is!

Zircon Leak Alert WiFi

CLICK HERE to watch the very short NEW video I just recorded on Friday afternoon about this affordable handy device.

The setup was caveman simple. You can put numerous Leak Alert WiFi guardians all around your home.

Each one is named differently so when you get the email, you know where to stop the leak.

The little guys even float if you have LOTS of water leaking creating a sea in your home!

New Sharp SPEEDBOR Spade Bits

I just tested some new spade bits.

You'd not think you could improve on such a simplistic tool, but you'd be wrong.


CLICK HERE to see lots of photos and a VIDEO of these pretty amazing spade bits.

Be sure to leave a comment at the bottom of the page sharing any stories you have about spade bits.

Gas Can Survey Results

Did you take the Gas Can Survey on Friday?

Did you scroll up to the top after clicking SUBMIT so you could see the results of others?

Did you leave a comment at the bottom of the page about your gas can experiences. Let me know how you feel about the wretched hard-plastic clicking cap lock like I have on my can.

I was STUNNED by the results come end-of-day Friday.

Let's see if there's much change during the day today. Here's what the results looked like not too long ago:

gas can design pie chart

Rock Retaining Wall

New Hampshire is the Granite State. There's a reason why.

It's everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE. Rounded rocks and angular boulders of all sizes are in the woods, fields, etc.

There are so many the early settlers used them for FENCES of all things!

CLICK HERE to see a very gorgeous cut-granite retaining wall I saw yesterday morning.

#7 On-Demand Radio Show!

CLICK HERE for some fantastic FREE audio tips and a story about too much trust.

Listen to Podcast 7

My most recent on-demand radio show features:

  • Karen and her expansive clay soil - easy fix BTW!
  • Best Cleaner/Sealer for IPE wood decks - and all wood decks
  • Tom's Pergola Beam Problem - Dolt Builder - Tim's Quick Fix

The FREE show also features a story about how I was far too trusting as a young pup builder.

You may BE OLD and be too trusting! You better LISTEN TO or READ the story so you and your money are not parted.

A written transcript is here.

That's enough for a Sunday, wouldn't you say?

Remember to leave comments at the bottom of all pages!!

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com
Captain Magic Mic Man - www.askthebuilder.com/podcast

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