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August 23, 2020 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

Hah loooo, as Winnie the Pooh would say! Are you a brand-new subscriber? I thought so. This top spot in the newsletter is a place of honor, and it’s reserved for you. Thanks for subscribing.

You, though, could be a long-standing subscriber. Tell me, do you recall the video I recorded that shows the secret to tightening a loose doorknob? Who knew it was SO EASY????

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How to Clean Response

Holy Tomato! That old saying is true, be careful what you wish for.

I asked what you have trouble cleaning so that I’d be sure to include your questions and my solutions in a FREE Deep Cleaning Tips & Secrets eBook I’m creating for you. Your input burst open the floodgates. Here’s an eye-opening snippet of just a few of the comments and questions you submitted:
How To Clean Sample Responses

I’ve been busy creating new pages on the STAIN SOLVER website to address some of your latest cleaning challenges.

But get this, many many of the questions you asked were already answered on the STAIN SOLVER website.

To locate them, all you have to do is enter one keyword and a list of related columns will pop up. Here are some examples of existing pages:

Give it a try. Just go to the STAIN SOLVER website and see if there’s an answer waiting for you.

You may be wondering if the extra expense of STAIN SOLVER is worth it. First and foremost, STAIN SOLVER is a certified organic oxygen bleach made in the USA. I've not been able to locate a competitor's product that's also certified organic.

I use the highest percentage of USA-made active ingredient in STAIN SOLVER. The popular name brand you may be using has far less active ingredient than STAIN SOLVER, and is almost certainly sourced in China, the land of many many bad things as we have come to discover in recent years and months. Remember the tainted dog food and the Chinese drywall that caused wires and pipes to corrode?

Are you finally convinced you want to try STAIN SOLVER? CLICK or TAP HERE for goodness sake, and just order the small sample size if you’re wringing your hands. I KNOW it’s going to work for you!

Just this past week, a good friend of mine finally used it on her kitchen countertop grout, and she was thunderstruck with the results. Do you want to be Thunderstruck? CLICK or TAP HERE.

Staining Cedar Siding

Two days ago, Howard invested in one of my simple phone consult calls. He’s refinishing the cedar siding on his home near Toronto, Canada.
natural wood siding

Howard shared that he had used Thompson’s Water Seal and had disappointing results. He’s not alone in being unhappy with this product. Few people use Thompson’s twice.

Howard wanted to know what I’d use if the cedar siding was on my house. Easy!

CLICK or TAP HERE and scroll down the page until you see my boat dock frame up in the air. It’s backlit with a gorgeous NH sunrise.

Watch the short video on that page. You’ll see the product I told Howard to buy. It’s on the hood of my truck. No, silly, I didn’t seal my truck with the product!

Forever and Ever House Paint

Three days ago, Mary from Cincinnati reached out to me. Here’s what she asked:

“I have a brick house with cement sills that have been painted. The paint is peeling. What kind of primer and paint do you recommend that will last forever? The house is 107 years old.”

My response was:


Forever is a darn long time.

Read this column and CLICK the big paint can that has the green label near the top of the column. READ the label on the can for the recommended primer.”

That’s enough for a Sunday. I’ll meet you back here next week.

Tim Carter
Founder- www.AsktheBuilder.com
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Do It Right, Not Over!

P.S. Riddle me this. Do you think tar paper is good? Why isn’t it used more often? CLICK or TAP HERE and see how I feel about this century-old black paper.


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