Flooded Basement Help

Rein Eisenzopf, who lives where it rains in Woodbridge, VA, has lots of water problems when his sump pump fails. "When my sump pump fails my basement floods. Would it be advisable or possible to provide an exterior pathway from the low side of the walkout basement drain tile to divert water away from the […]

Downspout Drainage Pipe

Rachael Maloney, who has a nice home in Cedar City, UT, has a perplexing problem with a downspout drain pipe. Let her tell you about it: "We have a downspout  drain pipe that runs across our front sidewalk. The problem I have is that the sidewalk is right up against the foundation of our garage.  The […]

Garbage Disposal Odor

Does your garbage disposal smell like a rat died in it? You know, that foul odor? Let’s talk about why it happens. The odor is from rotting food that’s coating the side walls and bottom of the disposer. Many people don’t use a disposer the right way. Let’s go over that first. When you operate […]

Preventing Mold Growth in Basements

Preventing Mold Growth in Basements DEAR TIM: Our full size divided basement has mold growing on the west side of the wall, as well as the south side on the other end of the basement. The basement has two sump pumps, one on each side of the basement. The basement does not leak water. We've […]