How to Use A Pop Rivet Tool

You may have to secure two thin pieces of metal together from time to time. It's possible to do this with solder, epoxy or screws with special threads meant for biting into thin metal, but my guess is you might turn to rivets. Rivets have been used for hundreds of years to join metal. The […]

How Much Soil Against a Brick House?

Quick Column Summary: Planter landscaping against foundation Water issues Keep brick dry, weep holes open Space around foundation allows for inspection DEAR TIM: I just purchased a home where the landscaping bed is up against the brick front wall. The home is about twenty-five-years old. The planting bed extends about 3 feet from the house […]

Clean Fogged Window Panes

Quick Column Summary: Double pane windows with fogging between How to remove and clean it Have new insulated glass installed Video link Martin Gold, who's got a fogged window in Lakeport, NJ, has a great question: "I have a bow window double panes one pane has developed a film in between panes. Is there a […]