Stop Parquet Floor Delamination

Quick Column Summary: Parquet flooring on tile delaminating Organic mastic can't form bond Adhesive chain Joe McGarvey lives in a house in Glenview, IL where the oak parquet flooring is unruly. "My 30-yr, oak parquet floor, adhesively bonded to porcelain tile, has begun to delaminate. What is the best way to stop this delamination?" Joe, […]

How High Wood Siding Off Ground

Quick Column Summary: Siding replacement height from ground Building code standards Better than building code installation Michael Slater is putting new wood siding on his house in St. Catherine's - Ontario, Canada. Here's what he said: "I am replacing old vinyl siding with pine board and batten. How far off the ground level should I […]

Toilet Won’t Flush Solids Remain

Quick Column Summary: Toilet will not flush solids Test for clogged drain line Problem might be toilet design Or it might be hard water deposits Carlton, who live in the epicenter of delicious, juicy peaches in Peachtree City, Georgia, has a nasty problem with his toilet that won't flush properly. Let him describe his distress: […]