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Column to Beam Connection

Connecting Beams to Columns

post cap connector Simpson

Here's a post cap connector. Simpson makes them in all different sizes to connect different posts to different width beams.

Simple headers in walls often employ nails driven through the king studs that run up along side each end of a beam. This is a good method. However, a beam that simply sits on top of a column is a weak structural location. You can purchase very nifty metal post to beam connectors for just about any configuration. Many home centers or lumber yards stock these connectors.

Two companies that make them are:

  • Simpson Strong Tie Company
  • USP Structural Connectors

I urge you to look at both of these websites. You will be amazed at the different connectors available.

In the case of steel, I always suggest that you hire a welder to come out and weld steel beams to the steel columns beneath. This often costs less than $200 and can ensure that you have a long lasting connection.

If you live in an area prone to earthquakes, be sure to find out exactly how all beam/column connections should be done to prevent failure when the earth shakes, rattles and rolls!

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