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Headers, Beams and Wall Sensors

Learn More About Headers and Beams!

How would you like a booklet that contains a series of size selection and allowable load tables for choosing Southern Pine headers and beams? The Southern Pine Council has this booklet available FREE on their website for download in PDF format. Go to their Publications Depot and look under Southern Pine Use Guide.

Beam and Column Illustration

Following is a very simple cross section showing how you insert a wooden beam into a frame wall. The wood beam is supported by two 2x4s on each end. These are typically called jack studs and are nailed directly to a king stud that runs from the bottom plate continuous to the top plate. Note how the column on the right side of the wall does not fall on top of a floor joist below. In that situation wood blocking is added between the steel I- beam below and the subfloor under the column on the right. Most beams under six foot total span only require a single 2x4 for support at each end. Beams over six feet need two 2x4s at each end. Always verify this requirement with your inspector!

simple cross section showing how you insert a wooden beam into a frame wall

Electronic Sensing Device

You are thinking of remodeling ... What lurks behind that plaster wall? Wouldn't it be nice if you had the X-ray vision of Superman? Well, you don't - but you can have the next best thing.

The Zircon Company has a full line of sensors and scanners, some for the homeowner and others for the seasoned pro. Check out the scanner page on their website! One product has a very cool LCD screen and an audible tone that alerts you to studs, joists, pipes, electric wires, etc.

The tool can scan through 1.5 inches of plaster and can find metal up to three inches deep. It operates on a simple nine volt battery. This is a well made tool. It can save you from an expensive plumbing or electrical repair!

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