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December 7, 2018 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

New subscriber? I'm glad you're here and so are all your new friends who've been here for a while, some for over twenty years!

It was an exciting week here at the galactic headquarters of AsktheBuilder.com.

I had a new high-technology State Proline XE Combi boiler installed here at my home.

It's magic in a box.

CLICK HERE to see more photos and watch a video of it. Wait until you see the difference between this new boiler and my OLD one!


state proline xe combi boiler
The existing boiler was a clunky cast iron one. It was installed nineteen years ago when the house was built.

This new State Combi boiler does TWO THINGS:

  • it heats the entire home
  • it provides all domestic hot water - unlimited

I say unlimited, but what I mean is as long as I've got propane in my giant outdoor tank, the boiler produces hot water. In other words, it's a tankless water heater.

The BEST PART is it's a modulating boiler.

My old boiler was either OFF or it was ON FULL BLAST.

The new State Combi boiler only produces as much fire as is needed to satisfy the demand.

It might just burn at 19% capacity, or some other number up to 100%.

What does this mean? It means YOU save big money on your fuel bills. Less wasted energy goes up the vent pipe.

CLICK HERE to see the photos and watch the video.

New Easy-to-Use Gas Cans

Three days ago, I talked with Dan Marshall. He's the VP of Marketing for the Scepter Company. Scepter is the leader in producing plastic gasoline containers.

smart control gas can

I tested their new Smart Control gas can for about ten days before talking with Dan.

I have to tell you it's a magnificent gas can. You're going to LOVE one.

If you're looking for a practical gift for someone for Christmas, this might be your go-to choice!

CLICK HERE to discover WHY I loved the Smart Control gas can.

Please listen to my conversation with Dan.

Kitchen Grease Fire Video

Do you know what to do if a pot or pan with grease in it catches on fire on your stove?

kitchen grease fire

Are you SURE you know what to do?

Do you know exactly what NOT TO DO?

CLICK HERE to watch two sobering videos. PLEASE share this newsletter with loved ones or anyone you feel might not know WHAT TO DO.

That's quite enough for a Friday afternoon. I'll have some good stuff for you on Sunday.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com
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