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January 25, 2017 AsktheBuilder Newsletter

Can you believe we're almost finished with January 2017?

Holy potato!

Small Engine Reminder!!

Just after sending this to you, I'm going to go up to my shed and start my lawn mower and my walk-behind string trimmer.

I'll also briefly start my gas-powered pressure washer. You need water passing through it to cool it if you run it for more than 30 seconds.

Two weeks ago while cleaning out the garage, I started and ran my small generator and log splitter.

It's been three months since I've used the three engines sitting up in my shed and I want to get some fresh gasoline up into the carburetor. I've got fuel stabilizer in the gas tanks, but it's a great idea to run small engines every few months.

The engineers at Briggs & Stratton told me so.

Here's a column I wrote after meeting with them about 20 months ago. CLICK HERE to read it.

Magic Soft Close

In just eleven days, you're going to have some fun.

Early on the morning of the day the NFL has a Super game, (I'm not allowed to say the real name here because they punish people who use it to promote anything), there's going to be an email waiting for you in your Inbox.

Please open it and have some fun. I GUARANTEE you that you'll discover something you didn't know and you'll see photos that will bring you lots of happiness.

Email Training

I want to thank you for responding to my request to help train your email provider to not mark this newsletter as SPAM.

I got many responses. One that brought me lots of happiness was from Donna who lives in northern Iowa.

Here's what Donna sent:

"Hi Tim,

The first thing I do in the morning is check my e-mail to see if “ASK THE BUILDER” is waiting to greet me for the day.

Keep up the good work.

You are by far the BEST internet friend I have ever had.

I am 89 years young and I “get it”."

I'm so very lucky to have Donna, and you, as my virtual friends.

This is why I always try to do an in-person meet up when I travel. I've had the great pleasure to meet many subscribers for an eyeball conversation and they're always a fantastic time.

Let's hope I can swing through Iowa and meet you Donna!

And Another One

Hours after getting the message from Donna, I got one from Kathryn.

She said,


I don't always respond to "Ask the Builder" emails, but when I do, it's to say THANKS for the hard work and info!!!"

That brought a HUGE smile to my face because I immediately created an image in my head of those words put on one of "The World's Most Interesting Man" memes.

I immediately went to a website where you can create one and sent this back to Kathryn asking her if she could see it:

What happened next surprised me.

After I heard back from Kathryn, I told Kathy (my wife if you're a new subscriber) that I'm so blessed to have subscribers that truly treat me as a friend they can trust, gritch at, share a joke, or who-knows-what.

Kathryn didn't disappoint. Her follow-up response to the meme above followed within a short time:

"I can, and it did make me smile. I lost my 103-year-old, active, and in-charge grandmother on Saturday and just finished writing her obituary. I needed that!"


I, of course, sent my condolences and told her I was never able to get to know my two grandmothers.

My maternal grandmother passed away long before I was born, and my paternal grandmother was sent back to Heaven when I was a very small boy. I just have one faint memory of her lying in her sick bed.

Bottom Line: Thanks so much for being my friend - even if we can't see each other face-to-face.

Oh, I wanted to add that the meet ups go two ways. If you're passing near central New Hampshire on a journey, well then let's have a meet up!!!! We can go out for coffee, go on a hike and do outdoor radio or sit by the lake!

More and More Revised Columns

I was busy over the past two days. I know it sounds nuts, but it's lots of fun going back and revising all my columns.

There are some really good ones below. Here's a photo I shot about thirty years ago that's in one of the columns. WOW, it's been that long!!!

Once again, I URGE YOU to open each column and if nothing else, read the small list of bullet points at the top.

You'll discover something new for sure.

When you do have a problem in the future, you'll hopefully remember I have a solution.

The most recent revisions cover a variety of topics.

There are some AMAZING PRODUCT LINKS in most of the columns.

I share with you the EXACT PRODUCTS I'd use or have used with great success.

TIM REQUEST: If, after reading a column, you have something to add, a story, a tip, etc., PLEASE add it as a comment at the bottom of the column.

It doesn't do any good to just write your story / tip and email it back to me. Please share it with the world so many benefit.

Many of the below columns now have GREAT VIDEOS in them too. It's like one-stop shopping.

Have fun:

Water Heater Expansion Tanks

Solving Pocket Door Problems

How to Caulk Baseboards - Like a Pro!

Downspout Drain Line Secrets

Rain-Soaked Framing Lumber

Replace Vinyl Siding With Brick

Turbine Vents - The King of Ventilation

How to Remove and STOP Algae!

Understanding House Settling Cracks

Drywall Facing Paper Repair Secrets

P.S. Are you having any fun at all with these strange tips I'm sharing in different languages???? It's supposed to get you to think!

A pecande naponta frissíti a lelket és édesszájú.

Tim Carter
Founder - www.AsktheBuilder.com

Do It Right, Not Over!


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