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Pocket Door Plywood

pocket door plywood

Pocket Door Plywood | The plywood panels you see fit in between the steel-wrapped pocket door studs allowing you to hang heavy objects at the pocket. WATCH VIDEO BELOW (C) Copyright 2019 Tim Carter

Pocket Door Plywood - Use the Clip Set to Install

You can strengthen pocket door frames by installing 3/4-inch plywood in between the steel-wrapped studs. It takes just minutes to install the ingenious clips.

CLICK or TAP HERE for more information about these magic clips.

Watch me install the LE Johnson plywood clips:


5 Responses to Pocket Door Plywood

  1. Tim

    I notice that the brackets mount with a tab on the door side of the studs. Did you ask johnson if they had any complaints of the brackets scratching the door? It would be a hard fix to get the bracket out of the door space after topping out.

    • The brackets are super thin. Perhaps 1/64th inch. Do the math: steel-wrapped studs = 3/4 inch each. Overall wall width = 3.5 inches. Door thickness = 1 3/8 inch. See how much room is left over??? It pays off in spades to apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to these situations, wouldn't you agree?

  2. I put in a LE Johnson pocket door many years ago and I wish they had the clips then. I lived in the house for many years after I installed the door and never had a problem with it. I only use their hardware for any sliding doors I install.

  3. Great video Tim. Thanks for bringing these clips to our attention. I have installed Johnson Hardware pocket doors based on your recommendation and loved them. I am planning to use a pocket door in an upcoming bathroom remodel. Do you feel the plywood and clip combo will make the wall sturdy enough to hold large format porcelain tile?

    • Yes, the plywood and clip combo will support the porcelain tile. It's imperative that you space the screws holding the drywall at no less than 9 inch centers. Think about the chain of adhesion! What is the WEAKEST link in the adhesive chain in your situation?

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