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Ring Floodlight Cam Review

ring floodlight cam

This is my Ring Floodlight Cam after it's unpacked and ready to be installed. You're going to LOVE LOVE LOVE the quality of this bad boy. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

Ring® Floodlight Cam Review - A Dream Security Spotlight

My wife doesn't like our new Ring® Floodlight Cam.

"You're a creeper," she says to me. That's because our Ring® keeps a vigilant eye on who comes down our driveway. She doesn't like to be watched so she's not happy with me. I tell her, "Just don't go up the drive."

That goes over like a lead balloon. 😉

But I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new Ring® Floodlight Cam because I can see who's coming, I can talk to them and the floodlights make it look like daytime when they come on. It's a marvelous piece of technology.

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Are All Parts and Tools Included?

When you unpack the Ring® Floodlight Cam, you'll soon discover you have everything you need. All parts and tools are included. Check out all that came with mine:

Ring Floodlight Cam

Here's what you get with the Ring Floodlight Cam. You even get EXTRA parts in case you're a klutz and drop something. The orange screwdriver works to tighten the white finish nuts that secure the floodlight to the galvanized steel baseplate in the photo. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

Does the Ring Floodlight Cam Have Lights, Sound, Siren and Motion Detection?

The Ring® Floodlight Cam comes with LED spotlights - this means no bulb changing. WOOT!

It's got complete audio so you can listen to what's going on outside. You can talk through the speaker too.

If you want to scare away any people of interest that cause the lights to come on, you can touch your smartphone screen and activate a siren.

Oh, and you can record all of this and Ring stores everything!

Is it Easy To Install the Ring® Floodlight Cam?

Yes, it's very easy to install the Ring Floodlight cam.

I've installed plenty of outdoor light fixtures in my career. Ring decided they wanted no hassles so the developed their own base or backplate for the floodlight. The rubber seal ensures everything to be watertight as long as you read the red sticker and put that at the 6-o'clock position!

ring floodlight cam

This is the base or backplate installed on my house. The slots are made for any size electrical box. Just pay attention to the red sticker! Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

ring floodlight cam

Here it is installed. See those gold squares in the spotlight? Those are the BRIGHT LEDs! Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

Is The Ring® Floodlight Cam App Easy To Use?

Yes, the app is very easy and very intuitive.

The first thing to remember after you install the floodlight on the wall is to turn on the power to the fixture.

You'll see a light start to blink inside the motion detector under the black camera box. The fixture even talks to you!

The instructions tell you to then install the Ring® app on your smartphone and follow the easy steps to activate the floodlight.

It took less than two minutes for this all to happen on my phone.

Here are some screenshots of what I saw on the app. It was SO VERY INTUITIVE!

ring floodlight cam app

Here's what you see after all is well. You'll note I also have the Ring Video Doorbell too. This is a very powerful app. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

ring floodlight cam app

Here's just one of the screens. This is part of how you adjust the motion detection aspect. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

ring floodlight cam app

Here's a fascinating screen on the app. This is where you create the part of the camera view where you want motion REPORTED to you and where the lights turn on and the video starts to record. You can drag and drop blue dots to create the polygon area you want. I wanted to know if someone is trying to get into my shed up on the hill. VERY COOL! Copyright 2017 Tim Carter


The Ring® Floodlight Cam is very very nice. It was easy to install, it works and the floodlights are BRIGHT!

My wife will still call me a creeper, but I don't care.

I love my Ring® Floodlight Cam, but not as much as I love She Who Must Be Obeyed!

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