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Ring Video Doorbell Review

ring video doorbell

Here's my Ring Video Doorbell. The ivory cover plate is the one that's the best match for the paint. It came with three other ones and I may switch it out for a more sleek look. The moment you power it up, the Ring talks to you. Super Cool! CLICK THE PHOTO NOW to have one delivered to your home in days. Buy the Ring Floodlight Cam at the same time. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

Before getting into this review, check out Tim's November 23, 2018 and  November 24, 2018 Newsletter and the story behind how this Doorbell solved the mystery of Tim's open front door.

Ring® Video Doorbell Is Easy and Fast

I installed my new Ring® Video Doorbell on a rare fair-weather December morning here in central New Hampshire. Christmas was just days away and I was filled with excitement as I opened up my Ring® box.

Snow meltwater was dripping on me, but I didn't care. I was so excited to try this product that marries technology with traditional doorbells.

It's important to realize a month before I had a terrible experience with a similar product, the Nutone Knock.

Ring Camera View

Here's what the Ring sees as you approach my front door. You can tell it's Christmas in New Hampshire. Once the holiday passes, the tiny Christmas tree and lights will disappear and the view will be unobstructed. Remember, you can HEAR what's going on at your door as well as see. See that round green button? Push it and you can talk to your visitor or another person of interest! Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

Email Exchange With The Ring® Inventor and Founder

Two weeks prior to installing the Ring®, I had an astounding back-and-forth email exchange with Jamie Siminoff the inventor and founder of Ring®.

Another key point is in all my years of reviewing products I NEVER had such a pleasant and rapid response. My wife Kathy had given me Jamie's private email address a few days prior as she had an exchange with him about a different matter.

I was STUNNED that he got back with me and in no time he had sent both the doorbell and the Floodlight Cam.

My gut told me right away that my experience with the Ring® was going to be unlike any other product I've tested and reviewed over the years.

Exquisite Ring® Packaging


ring video doorbell

Here's the box the Ring Video Doorbell Pro comes in. Jamie must be related to Steve Jobs. The only other products to have such a gorgeous box and clever packaging that I've seen are Apple goodies. The INSTANT I saw this box and opened it I knew this was going to be a dream installation. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

ring video doorbell

After you unpack everything, here's what you have. All sorts of other very helpful literature, quick-start guide, stickers, etc. came too. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

Everything - I Mean EVERYTHING - Included for the Ring® Install

The Ring® comes with everything you need to do the install. I had the Pro version of the doorbell because I wanted my Ring® to activate my 20-year-old traditional"ding dong" doorbell when someone pushed the outdoor button.

Here's a partial list of what's included:

  • Ring® doorbell
  • backplate
  • 4 trim cover plates
  • interior doorbell snazzy diode connector kit
  • handy screwdriver with Phillips and reversible Torx bit
  • 1/4-inch masonry bit for stucco
  • anchors
  • push-in wire connectors
  • quick-start guide and other helpful paperwork

Jamie even included extra screws in case you drop and lose one. What a nice touch!

Ring Pro Diode Accessory Kit

You need to install a handy little diode kit, if you want your new Ring to make your old "ding dong" doorbell to still work,.

This part of the install is so simple a caveman could do it. Jamie thought this through even down to the tiny patch of 3M two-sided adhesive on the diode box.

To put it another way, I've NEVER seen such attention to detail in my life. Thank you so much Jamie!

ring video doorbell pro

Here's the fancy little wire connector you need to use to make the interior "ding dong" doorbell work. It took seconds to install. What a dream! CLICK THE PHOTO NOW to have one delivered to your home. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

ring video doorbell

Within two minutes, I had the entire accessory kit installed. The little white box that contains the electronics to make the old-fashioned *ding dong* doorbell work even came with its own small square of 3M two-sided adhesive. Incredible attention to detail. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

The Ring® App - Seamless Install and Powerful

You use the Ring app to guide you through the installation. It's beyond perfect. I was prepared for frustration.

All I got was happiness. There were NO hiccups in downloading or using the app on my Moto G5+ phone.

I really appreciated Jamie's humor. Look at it below:

Ring connects to your WiFi network

Here's what you see as your Ring connects to your WiFi network. Pretty funny! When was the last time you saw such humor as you installed something? Copyright 2017 Tim Carter


ring app

Here's the front page of the app once you have everything working - which won't take you long! You can see I have two Ring devices - the doorbell and the spotlight cam. Copyright 2017 Tim Carter

Ring Pro® Video Doorbell Review Summary

I love my Ring. I've installed lots of products in my career, but NEVER have I had so much fun doing it.

Often instructions are incomplete - not so with the Ring®.

It's not uncommon you have to go find tools - not so with the Ring®.

All too often you might need an extra part - not so with the Ring®.

Usually, the apps are confusing - not so with the Ring®.

I guarantee you'll be THRILLED with your Ring®. If not, Jamie will make it right.

His email address is right on the side of the box!

CLICK HERE NOW to have the Ring Doorbell delivered to your home.


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