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Wet Dry Vacuum Comparison

Wet Dry Vacuum Comparison Guide

If you are getting ready to purchase a wet-dry vacuum, this comparison may help you. Your final decision may be based upon the size of the unit, accessories included and price. For the most part, wet-dry vacuums are fairly simple . They have minimal moving parts. The electric motor and air impeller represent the primary mechanical components. Yes, I know the caster type wheels move as well, but they are simple moving parts.

To the best of my knowledge, there are really only two major players in the wet-dry vacuum business. They are Ridgid Tool Company and Shop-Vac. There are three other companies, Clarke Industries, Dayton Electric Manufacturing Co., and Fein Power Tools. My guess is that they will be a surprise to you as they were to me. I have never seen one of these vacs. Here is how you can contact each company for literature:

  • Clarke Industries
  • Dayton Electric Mfg Co.
  • Fein Power Tools
  • Ridgid Tool Company
  • Shop-Vac
Wet - Dry Vacuum Comparison Guide

Mfr. Model # Peak HP Capacity Drain Plug Warranty
Ridgid WD 1245 5.0 12 gal Yes Lifetime
Ridgid WD 1665 6.0 16 gal Yes Lifetime
Ridgid WD 1850 6.5 16 gal Yes Lifetime
Ridgid WD 5500 5.0 5 gal Yes Lifetime
Shop-Vac 925-40-10 4.0 10 gal Yes 1 year
Shop-Vac 925-41-10 5.0 12 gal Yes 1 year
Shop-Vac 925-63-10 6.0 12 gal Yes 1 year
Shop-Vac 925-46-10 6.5 15 gal Yes 1 year



Click here to watch a video on two types of wet dry shop vacuums.


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