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Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting Manufacturers

low voltage deck lighting

Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting Manufacturers

Following is a very interesting list of manufacturers. A very good friend of mine, Dave Butler compiled it. He used to write a column about home technology topics and he was kind enough to share this wonderful list with me so that I could share it with you!

Keep in mind to use price as a guideline when comparing fixtures. High quality comes with a price. Good fixtures usually have better components that cost more to make. Also be sure to watch out for inferior light bulbs. There are some import bulbs that are very poor quality and they burn out in a short time. Buy name brand bulbs from a name you recognize!

  • Brinkman
    low voltage fixtures, solar powered designs, border and accent lighting, power consoles with and without timers
  • Hadco
    everything you could imagine plus harsh environment fixtures - for those sea coast gardens!
  • Hubbell
    a full line of products and bulbs
  • Hydrel
    complete line of products, transformers and consoles
  • Intermatic
    full line plus some solar powered lights
  • Kichler
    full line of lights for every need plus their catalogue has a wonderful two page crash course on how to design an outdoor system
  • Kim Lighting
    full line of lights in different metallic finishes
  • Loran/Nightscaping
    absolutely one of the leaders in low voltage exterior lighting. The founder of this company is an expert in the field.
  • OWI
    low voltage fixtures built into fake rocks!
  • Pioneer Electronics
    once you light up your patio, you will need outdoor speakers from these guys!
  • Prescolite / USI
    their fixtures are somewhat commercial
  • Stereo Stone
    rock lights - seriously! seven designs with speakers too!

Other Solar Stuff

Two other companies sell a wide variety of solar lights including an inexpensive line. Call these two companies and see what they have:

  • Northern Hydraulics
  • Real Goods Trading

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