Poor Workmanship in Construction

Quick Column Summary: Problems with new house construction Correcting an off-center window Wood-burning stove exhaust stack not properly installed Checking to see if the contractor is on the run DEAR TIM: I'm having a house built and I've got some problems. It's still in the rough stage with just the rough framing pretty much complete […]

How to Remove Hard Water Stains

Quick Column Summary: white vinegar removes hard water spots soaking and patience is key vinegar can harm marble muriatic acid can be used, but it's POWERFUL There's a good chance you have to deal with hard water stains on many of your surfaces. Municipal water systems don't always deliver nice soft water to your home […]

Top Five Tools

DEAR TIM: I just sold some of my old stuff that I no longer wanted nor needed using an online classified website. My intent was to get cash together to add to my hoard of hand and power tools. Can you share some of the coolest tools you're aware of? I'm interested in versatility and […]