2014 Bosch April Contest

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Welcome to the Bosch Power Tools April 2014 Contest!

STEP ONE: Look at the small image just below. You will need to find the full-size photo this was taken from at one of the three links in Step Two.

EASIER CLUE LINK - Click Here if you want to see a larger image to make it easier for you.

STEP TWO: Click all three links below. Study the photos and text for clues!

Bites Like a Bulldog

Drill Like a Devil on a Mission

Beastly Multi-tool Blade Grrrrr!

STEP THREE: Answer the questions below, click the Bosch ROCKS! button and cross your fingers!


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Did you find the page where the little snippet image was clipped from? What tool was being used in that photograph?
Bosch Drill
Bosch Job Site Table Saw
Bosch Multi-Tool
Bosch Circular Saw
Bosch Laser Level

Time is money, right? So how much time in a workday can you save if you are smart enough to use Bosch Daredevil spade bits?
I prefer using my light saber to drill holes
10.5 minutes
3.1416 or pie minutes
30 minutes
I would say the same amount of times the Chicago Cubs have won the World Series

Multi-tool blade costs can add up. You want a blade that lasts and lasts. How much longer will Bosch carbide multi-tool blades perform than a plain-vanilla bi-metal multi-tool cutting blade?
It's got to be 5 times longer
New York Times
20 times longer
30 times
All things being equal, 28 times

If you have to drill into concrete that has rebar, you're in for a surprise - that is unless you're using a Bosch Bulldog Extreme bit! How much longer life in rebar do Bosch SDS-plus® Bulldog™ Xtreme solid carbide head drill bits have compared to standard SDS-plus® bits?
Tim, stop insulting me - 3 times longer
I'm the right answer - 8 times!
4X - do they even make t-shirts that big?
10X the cutting power!

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Tell me which of the three Bosch accessories you thought was the most interesting and why? What did you discover in today's game? Thanks for your answer!