2015 Snow Be Gone Contest

Well, Old Man Winter is once again like that family member still parked on your couch at 10 p.m. on Thanksgiving night.

You know, the one that doesn't know WHEN to GO HOME.

This photo was taken about 12 days ago. I'm typing this on April 12, 2015.

Look at the photo farther down to see what it looked like on April 20 and April 24, 2015.

I'm going to probably upload a photo each day from April 27th on.

I'd say about half the snow is gone that you see in this photo.

You can see where this photo was taken if you go to Google Maps and type in Swain Road 03253. Go to the end and look at the cul-de-sac.

You can see where this photo was taken if you go to Google Maps and type in Swain Road 03253. Switch to satellite view and go to the south end of Swain Road and look at the cul-de-sac.

Your job, should you decide to accept it, is to guess WHEN all the frozen water you see in the photo will be transformed to LIQUID and moving down to the lake. 

The pile of snow just above the end of the mailbox where you see the tip of the red flag is about 9 feet tall.

A maximum of three people are going to win one each of the handy 0.4-pound bottles of Stain Solver should they be so lucky as to guess the correct day. If more than three people guess the correct day, the three will be picked at random by numbers generated at random.org.

I've minimized the number of days to choose from so your chances of WINNING are higher.

Go to Accuweather.com, type in Meredith, NH and look at the extended forecast to help you guess.

As I study the extended forecast, I GUARANTEE you there's no way the snow will be gone by April 20th.

Good luck!

Sorry, the deadline for entries has passed.

Here's what the snow looked like on the morning of April 20, 2015 the day after entries closed:



Here is what it looked like Friday, April 24, 2015 about 1:00 p.m.:

April 24