LE Johnson Pocket Door Contest


Contest ENDS at midnight January 20, 2013!!!

How would you like to WIN:

  • FREE access to all the DIY Shed videos
  • FREE access to all Front Door Install videos
  • Any five of my eBooks or Contractor Hiring Guides
  • Brand new lithium-ion cordless drill / driver
  • MYSTERY EXTRA POWER TOOLS - Watch the video above!
  • $25 Coupon for a Hertz Car Rental (don’t ask me how I got this - long story)

It’s easy to enter this neat little contest.

All you have to do is go to the LE Johnson single pocket door gallery and hunt for a specific photo in that gallery. The link to the gallery is below.

Once you locate a certain photo, you have to answer two questions correctly. I’ll pick a random winner from those that provide the correct answers. You have to get your correct answers to me by January 20, 2013 at midnight Eastern Time.

I give you a clue so you can locate the right photo just below.

When you locate the right photo, you have to tell me two things:

What material makes up the center of the pocket door and what color is the pocket door handle?

Send me an email at: tim@askthebuilder.com with your two answers.

Remember, to answer correctly, you have to be looking at the correct photo! The small image below is a small part of the photo you need to study at the LE Johnson Single Pocket Door Gallery. Go locate the photo at the gallery that has this in it:



That image is the proverbial X marks the spot on the pirate map! Find the photo that I copied it from, and you can then determine the correct answers!

Click here to go to the LE Johnson gallery

Here's a poem I put together in five minutes with EXTRA clues for you:


If you've got weary eyes

You'll need another sign

Make a mess eating pies?

Or spill wine when you dine?


Reach for the rolled cloth

Tinted like late day sun

Dabbing the food and froth

With water from deep sea fun